Vape Tricks 1 –dragon

This is a easiest vape tricks, after you learned it, you will get great satisfaction, you can show you new trick to your friends, what a wonderful thing. Now let’s jump in,’

Take a long drag on the vape pen ,once again making sure that you do not totally inhale the vapour,then breath out forcefully via your nose while additionally breathing out via both sides of your mouth.

See to it you use your tongue or the center part of your lips to make a block in the middle of your mouth.

Although this make your mouth not comfortable, it is a super easy skills, you’ll be able to master it immediately, and you can use this trick in the follow skills.

Vape tricks 2 –ghost

The ghost is also known as a quick breath or mushroom cloud, this is also the simpler vape tricks,

What you need to do is breathe in the stream, let it linger in your mouth for a few seconds,

After that, get all the steam out of your mouth and quickly in hale it.


Vape tricks 3 jellyfish

To make a jelyfish, you need to take a deep breath from your vape pen, it should be big enough to blow out a ring, push the o-ring by hand while blowing, reduce the diameter of the o-shape formed by your lips, then blow a smaller o-rings.


Until now, vape seems to be healthier than smoke,meanwhile, with the vaper is getting more and more,you need to learn more skills to standout from crowed, and i think the disposable is also good enough to play more skills, If you are very interested in learning vape tricks, we recommend you to buy these great tasting disposable e-cigarettes, perfect for practice, mainly beautiful and convenient. Such as JUUL, Zovoo Dragbar 2200,Flum Float,Vaporlax Disposable,TAKI T50 Disposable, TAKI T30 Disposable.

Finally,I hope smokers can join the vape circle, and I hope we can learn more fun skills