4 E-Cigarette Etiquette Rules VEEX Users Should Follow

If you've ever been confused about where you can and can't vape, or general vaping etiquette, you're not alone. Not only are some of the rules about vaping a bit ambiguous, but a lot of the information you find has been written by non-vapers who think it's their right to teach vapers how to vape. However, even among e-cigarette users, there is some disagreement about when, where and how to use e-cigarettes politely. Let's clear things up with some rules (or "suggestions," if you will) for vaping around other people without causing complaints.


Here are 4 E-Cigarette Etiquette Rules VEEX has written for you


  1. Use common sense in public

We often hear, "Don't vape where you can't smoke." But what about bars and other places where vaping is welcome? It's nice to have places where you can vape freely, but you still want to use common sense to avoid angering non-vapers in the area. First, always ask if you can use e-cigarettes. If the answer is no, calm down. Remember, by being a responsible and respected person, you can help change the way people think about vaping and the vaping community.


  1. Avoid blowing clouds of vapor into people's faces

In order to meet the needs of most users, VEEX has designed super steam styles such as TAKI T50. But even vapers (especially non-vapers) are annoyed by the vapor being blown directly at them. It may smell better and be less harmful than smoke, but it can still be annoying. It's usually not difficult to find somewhere other than your partner's face to blow your clouds. Blow it anywhere else - towards an open area, even on the floor. Avoid other people's faces at all costs when you exhale unless you know your friend doesn't mind.


  1. Don’t be a vaping snob

VEEX has many series, the most popular of which are VEEX V5 and TAKI T30. Unfortunately, some vapers look down on other vapers because of their device of choice. For example, someone using a custom steampunk mechanical vape mod might not understand why another vaper would prefer an e-cigarette or a vape pen. However, the truth is that the right e-cigarette for you depends on many factors, including your preferences, your technical abilities, your experience and your needs. Advice (as requested) and discussions are great, but there is no place for snobs in the vaping community.


  1. Inform and educate - don't preach or lose your temper

Don't be afraid to share what you know about vaping with others. But remember, there is a fine line between telling and speaking. Avoid preaching to smokers - if they want to know, they'll ask. Never lose your temper. When you lose your temper, you lose the argument. It may not always be easy to stay calm, especially when faced with ignorance. However, staying calm is the key to winning the debate.


VEEX has always been committed to providing users with the best service, but at the same time, we do not want some of your habits to affect others. These are some suggestions and unwritten rules to help you get the most out of your VEEX vaping without getting distracted or complaining about your activity. There is value in keeping the peace and making vaping easy and enjoyable for all of us.