4 vaping tips for beginners

Now that you know what to do, you may be eager to start vaping. But check out these tips first to make sure you're treating your body and equipment properly and getting the best experience.

  1. Take a small breath first

Begin with a little movement—no need to inhale to the point of exploding. Take a swipe and see how you feel. Take your time between puffs; you don't need to rush.

Taking your time will get you used to your vape and help you practice what you've learned.

  1. Use only the best

Never risk using an unknown e-cigarette pen or e-liquid. Always buy quality products that won't break or fail.

Higher quality juices will also have fewer impurities, making your clicks smoother. 

  1. Toggle it

When you stick to one flavor for too long, you may develop an "e-cigarette tongue." This phenomenon removes your ability to taste the current flavor. 

All you need to do is switch to new e-liquids and fresh flavors, and the problem should be resolved in no time.

  1. Clean your device

Not required if you have a disposable device. If you have a rechargeable kit, wash the tank and mouthpiece with lukewarm water at least once a week and let it air dry.

Without proper cleaning, your device can become clogged with residue, preventing a full throat hit.

Nine e-cigarette brands recommended

Choosing a good brand is very important for a beginner. If you choose a fake product, it will frustrate the first experience and greatly reduce the enthusiasm for e-cigarettes, then you will lose a lot of fun. The following nine brands are It has been well received by consumers for a long time, and you can go to their website to buy your favorite products with confidence.


Hope you can have the best experience.