A Beginner’s Guide To Vape

Will My E Cig Battery Explode?

It’s unlikely as long as you follow, and stick to following, battery safety. Find out How & Why E Cigarette Batteries Explode Here


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What Do I Want To Avoid?

Anything cheap: it makes no sense to save pennies when it comes to batteries. The branding actually does mean that the battery will do what the company claim it will do.Anything fake: Might sound obvious but the term ‘too good to be true’ generally rules here. Not only does cheap definitely mean fake but some brands can only be bought through certain suppliers. Some vendors are unaware of what to look for so it pays to only buy from strongly recommended battery dealers.

Inadequate venting holes on mods: Some mods have the atomizer directly contacting the battery. This isn’t a bad thing, but a number of them have been associated with problems in the past. Batteries vent from the positive end – mods with holes for the gases to escape at this end are better.

Any Final Things I Need To Remember?

  • I know we have said this before! It’s important – Prevent spare batteries from shorting in your bag or pocket by storing them in a small plastic battery case.
  • Keep batteries dry at all times.
  • Do not use a battery if the wrapper is damaged, if it is a tight squeeze to insert it or if it has become very hot previously.
  • Use a quality charger and do not overcharge them.
  • Do not ‘run a battery to empty’ as over-discharging batteries damages them.
  • Always remain near a charging battery. Do not leave them on charge overnight and unplug the charger if leaving the room.
  • Recycle old or damaged batteries at your local tip in the appropriate container. They can poison the ground if placed into landfill.