All You Need to Know About Vaping CBD

I’ll explain my thinking on that soon but until then let’s take a look at exactly what CBD oil is and how it could be beneficial to you as a vaper.

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But first and as always when I’ve discussed CBD on here – a disclaimer.

Despite the NHS currently ‘trialing’ CBD as a pain and stress management tool there is still no formal recognition from the wider scientific community that it is therapeutic in any way.

Note I said ‘wider scientific community’.

By that I mean the mainstream – that faceless collective mass of men and women in white coats that Governments tell us are to believed.

Their word is God.

They are ‘experts’.

Sure to get there these folks have to jump through a ton of hoops – study for letters after their names – get articles and studies published in peer approved journals and the like.

So I get it – they are ‘experts’.

However they are on the whole funded by Big Pharma – you know those enormous companies that cosy up to politicians whilst promoting many approved medicines that have significantly dangerous side-effects.

Just look at my piece on Suicide or Vaping where the FDA and doctors are happy to prescribe a drug to ‘help’ quit smoking that could also increase your desire to commit suicide.

I could list tons and tons more examples of where the ‘experts’ say and make us believe that the cure is worth the risk of the kill.

But CBD is perhaps an option you might be thinking about.

So let’s take a closer look at exactly what vaping CBD is all about.

What Exactly is CBD?

In a nutshell Cannabidiol [CBD] is taken from the cannabis plant however through process the active ingredient that makes a user ‘high’ – Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC – is removed.

In other words you get the known medicinal effects of the cannabis plant but without becoming stoned out of your mind.

And because users are vaping rather than smoking there’s less of those nasties you get from the burning process – yeah even with cannabis man.

CBD is pretty much legal in most countries [research to find out if your country is included] and comes in various forms including Tinctures – Concentrates – Capsules – Creams – Sprays and of course vaping products.

And given this is a vaping website [well spotted me] it’s the vaping side of CBD we’ll be looking at.