Brief Guide: Steps to clean Vape Pods

If you are having a pod vaping system you must be knowing what they can do to increase your vaping experience. Using this system is a requirement if you need high strength nicotine salt e-liquids. They are the smallest, sleekest and most fashionable devices at a reasonable cost. In this article, we will be discussing some tips that pod vaping system owners must be knowing. While using a pod when it starts producing burnt flavor this doesn't mean it's damaged but it can happen because it is simply covered with residue. Just by removing residue, one can again reuse the pod.


What helps in forming residue in vape pods?

Residue can form because e-liquids have some materials that are not fully vapourised when heated. Then that ingredient starts sticking to the atomizer coil, in starting one will taste caramelized but with time it starts tasting burnt.


The best thing one should do to prevent your vape pods from burning is switch to an unsweetened e-liquid. But in case you don’t want to use unsweetened e-liquid, in that case, you must be knowing how to clean vape pods.


How to clean vape pods?

It's so important to know how to clean vape pods because from the residue to e-liquids there’s nothing that causes atomizer colid to produce a burnt flavor. And if you can clean away the residue your pod will have a good atomizer coil that’s almost like a new coil. In some systems,  the atomizer coil is a permanent component and is not replaceable. In that case you will find it difficult to clean your pod cartridges because liquids can only enter and end up the pod through a single  filling hole. But when the coil is removable it's easier to clean a vape pod.


Steps to clean vape pods:

Fill a large bowl with hot water. Don’t boil the water as vape pods are made of plastic; they can degrade or melt.

Open your vape pod’s filling hole. If the pod have a removable coil remove the coil as well. Place them in water.

Vape pods tend to float rather than be hollow. You have to hold the pod down to make it fill up with water.

Let the item soak in water before swishing them. This time you can see some dark flecks floating in the water or inside the pod.

Empty the bowl and refill it with hot water and continue swishing the pod and coil. When dark flecks stop seeing in the water the coil is clean.

Remove the pod and the coil from the water. Tap the pod against a paper towel to remove water and allow the coil and pod to air dry for hours before using them again.


In case you are having issues removing residue from vape pods using hot water you can use alcohol also such as vodka. Vodka is an approved more effective solvent than water. After cleaning the item, rinse them thoroughly to ensure water or alcohol must be completely removed.


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