Does nicotine make you lose weight?

Anybody want to know how to lose weight fast, and some of them want to lose weight by vaping,But whether E-cigarette help you lose weight or not?

Here is the short answer:e-cigarette can’t help you to lose weight,although that’s why some people choose to vape.The important thing to understand is that neither smoking nor vaping is recommended for you to lose weight, but neither do they lead to excess your fat.Nicotine is a natural appetite suppressant found in cigarettes and e-cigarettes,  so nicotine will reduce your appetite and speed up your metabolism, and your body burn calories in fast speed.

Why people gain weight in a quick speed after quitting smoking?

Some medical study have shown that nicotine as a main substance in cigarettes or vape e-liquid, but too much tobacco lead to weight gained.No evidence show that vaping help those non-smokers lose weight, But it can help those who have quit smoking to maintain their weight.After all,nicotine help you to increase burn calories by 7%-15% percent at rest.

So you can choose your nicotine level and then reduce it at a rate, which is great for vaper.

We can keep the body shape by vaping, nicotine will continue suppress appetite, but this method is far less harmful, vaping is not the purpose forever, but to slowly eliminate the addiction to smoke and nicotine. So it’s necessary to cost time to reduce the rely on nicotine,then you won’t put to much undue press on your body.There are different concentrates of nicotine for different E-liquid, which means vapes can slowly lower their nicotine levels.

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