E-cigarette science and technology of the choice of smoke cartridges

Coil pod are a very important part of the e-cigarette, which determines the taste, capacity, texture and other pod factors, different flavors also attracted the love of different groups of people, such as overseas e-cigarette enthusiasts prefer sweet and greasy flavors, while domestic users prefer freshen types of flavors.

In addition to the taste, the different materials of the POD also has a different performance on the taste of saturation、 throat feel, so come with me to see, the different materials of the POD in the taste of what will be different!

  1. Cotton pod

Cotton pod heat conduction is the most recent mainstream heat conduction method, mainly by the cotton as a guide material for heating, heating wire to the cotton to produce a fuller atomized gas, cotton pod taste Layers is very strong, very suitable for composite flavors, is recognized for the taste of the closest to full heating method of restoration, like VEEX V5 cotton atomized pod, taste saturation、high degree of restoration, It is very popular among e-cigarette lovers.

  1. Ceramic coilpod

Ceramic pod is mainly a heating wire embedded in the ceramic pod for heating, ceramic pod atomizer heated out of the atomized gas is delicate, pure, although not as raging as the cotton pod, but a unique fresh and delicate taste, but also has a strong stability, can do the taste as one. Is now the mainstream of small smoke atomization bomb.

VEEX self-research ceramic atomization pod brand NCODE®, in addition to microporous ceramic atomization pod and matching temperature control heating method, but also includes chip technology and MCU (micro control unit) of the entire atomization technology program.

NCODE® ceramic pods have a larger heating area, faster start-up speed, and higher reduction of oil analysis; ceramic porosity is higher, honeycomb interwoven microporous oil lock, both can better solve the problem of oil leakage.