E-cigarettes make breathing easier

In July 2019, the government set a target to make the UK a smoke-free country by 2030. However, no clear roadmap for achieving this has been announced. With COVID-19 still active in our community, interest in respiratory health is higher than ever.

In the UK, smoking causes nearly one in five cancer cases and more than one in four cancer deaths each year. Decades of policy action have led to a steady decline in UK smoking rates to some of the lowest levels in Europe. However, with one in seven people still smoking, cigarettes still do a lot of damage to our society and economy.

This is a goal we all need to support, not just for the health of smokers, but for our entire community. Although smoking-related illnesses are 100% avoidable, achieving the goal of being completely smoke-free by 2030 will be very difficult if more people are unable to participate in smoking cessation programmes.

Switching to e-cigarettes to quit smoking is not only a smart choice, but it is supported by the National Health Service. When smokers switch to e-cigarettes, the body begins to recover almost immediately. Your airways will open, toxin levels in your body will drop, and you will experience the short-term benefits of quitting smoking. Although vaping is not safe, it is 95% less harmful than smoking and allows vaping to control nicotine consumption in response to cravings. Inhaling nicotine is harmless (although highly addictive), so smokers can continue to enjoy the "drug" but with 95% less damage to the body. one

VAPE is also environmentally friendly

There is no such thing as passive e-cigarettes. It is completely different from cigarettes.

Secondhand smoke is not only deadly, but unpleasant. However, it would be wrong to say that smokers don't care how their habits affect others, as a recent study found that 62% of smokers want to quit. Secondhand smoke is an inevitable by-product of smoking, and there were no practical alternatives before the invention of e-cigarettes. People mistakenly believe that vapor clouds are as toxic as cigarette smoke. Absolutely wrong. To date, Public Health England has found no known health risks from secondhand smoke. three

Secondhand smoke is deadly because the toxins you release when you smoke are highly toxic to your body. Not only does the burning tobacco go directly into the smoker's lungs, it also releases thousands of toxins that float in the air and stick to surfaces.

E-cigarettes do not produce smoke or water vapor, they produce aerosols. It may look like a cloud of steam, but it's not. Aerosols have a short lifespan. In other words, it doesn't stick around for long, which helps avoid the real risks of manual vaping.

All chemicals change state when heated. Smoking e-cigarettes creates a cloud of small particles of the aerosol. It is often confused with water vapor because it looks like a cloud of vapor (containing H2O, but not considered water vapor). Aerosol clouds contain particles of matter that deform during heating. The three main components of e-liquid are converted into chemicals at different rates depending on the ingredients used.

Steam is known to contain toxins, but in very small amounts. Regulated e-liquids must also be tested for emissions to ensure they are safe.

The most striking difference between smoke and steam is how they form. Smoke is created when cigarettes are burned, and cigarettes produce up to 7,000 chemicals, at least 69 of which are known to cause cancer. Heat the e-liquid so that the compounds don't turn into a flammable state. 4

In summary

Switching to e-cigarettes to quit smoking is not only 95% less harmful than smoking, but also a better choice for those around you. Vaping makes breathing easier...vaping does not harm others.