Factors affecting vaping nicotine level determination

We can guide you when you are unsure of where and how to begin. There are so many vape alternatives, and we understand that can be confusing. This is how to figure out how much nicotine to vape depending on your favorite flavors, how sharp the nicotine strikes you, and other variables.


Vaping vs Cigarette Nicotine Level Comparison

The explanation might surprise you.

There is no set level of the chemical in cigarettes. They come in a variety of sizes and forms, as well as different tobacco. A multitude of individual companies makes cigarettes.

And because of this diversity, standardizing the dose of nicotine in cigarettes is difficult. Besides, a normal cigarette has 14 mg of nicotine on average. The amount of nicotine in a cigarette could largely depend on the nicotine concentration of your e-juice. But choosing the 0-3 percent range will give you a median range that should provide the same amount of nicotine as a cigarette.

Vaping Nicotine Level Determination

There are various elements that go into determining your vape nicotine level.


With a greater nicotine level, e-juice can have a stronger taste, similar to alcoholic drinks. Other vapers enjoy lower concentration merely to endure the taste. But more seasoned smokers have grown acclimated to the sharp taste of e-juice with a high concentration of nicotine. This is up to you to decide whether vaping should prioritize taste.

Throat Blow

Whenever you breathe nicotine, the sensation in your throat is called "throat hit." This feels pleasant and gratifying to inhale vapor in small concentrations. However, swallowing vapor with a greater proportion can be unpleasant. It is really up to you to find a throat punch that works for you at your desired concentration.


A habitual smoker trying to give up will almost certainly require more nicotine. A moderate smoker will most likely require a lesser dose because their nicotine cravings are not as great.

The setting wherein you vape is also important. Since you're not breathing as much when you vape casually or infrequently, increased levels may suit you. When you vape for long periods of time, you may require a lower concentration.

Equivalency of Smoking

If you used to smoke, discover a nicotine dosage that gives you the same satisfaction as cigarettes. If you are considering giving up smoking, you need to gradually reduce your concentration.

As you can see, there are various elements to consider when deciding which percentage is best for you. Whenever picking a concentration, keep the following two rules in mind:

If you used to smoke or vape nicotine-laced e-juices, pick a concentration that meets your nicotine needs.

If you are not a former smoker and therefore have no history of vaping with nicotine, avoid vaping and smoking. 

The End

Although calculating nicotine levels for every puff is possible, determining how much nicotine is in a vaporizer is difficult. It is far better to just be mindful of your smoking behaviors, while also ensuring that you're not inhaling too much. WUUZ, VEEX, RELX, and TAKI are among the greatest vape brands available in our online store. Contact us to order yours today.


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