For new Vaper : How to use e-cigarettes properly?

Under the continuous marketing of e-cigarette brands, more and more people begin to have contact and new understanding of e-cigarettes, and many smokers also start to use e-cigarettes. However, even with the increasing popularity of e-cigarettes, there are still many people who are not careful about the way of using e-cigarettes, believing that e-cigarettes are just a simple smoke and there is nothing to pay attention to. As a result, the e-cigarettes they bought were damaged.

In fact, sometimes the e-cigarettes bought by smokers are damaged, not because of the poor quality of the e-cigarette products themselves; More often than not, smokers are using it in the wrong way. Therefore, if smokers can avoid the following problems in the process of using e-cigarettes, the longevity of e-cigarettes can be guaranteed to a large extent.

First, avoid suction, do not let the atomizer pod in a dry burning state for a long time

Since e-cigarette products do not have open flames, there is no need to worry about burning items. Actually, some vapers prefer to lie down to vape, with the tail sticking up during use. Or many vapers will habitually continue vaping until they run out of e-liquid.

In fact, these are not good habits to use e-cigarette!

Because, the e-cigarette is through the atomizer to produce vapour to meet the user's vaping needs; Suction and burning of dry e-liquid will lead to burning of atomizing coil of e-cigarette atomizer due to dry burning. This will greatly affect the atomization plumpness, as well as the taste of the fog after atomization, and the atomization core will be damaged. Therefore, the key to protecting the life of e-cigarettes is not to smoke them and not to keep the nebulizer dry burning for a long time.

Second, avoid high temperature environment, or direct sunlight

An e-cigarette consists of a battery. Therefore, smokers should avoid the use of e-cigarettes in high temperature environment, and should avoid direct sunlight, away from heat sources, to avoid the battery because of high temperature caused by explosion, spontaneous combustion and other phenomena!

Third, avoid charging for a long time

Many e-cigarette products now have a charging function; In order to facilitate the use of vepers, many friends will be accustomed to charge through the night; This method of use can easily lead  battery damage. Therefore, it is best to limit the charging time of e-cigarettes to about 4 hours, so as not to affect the battery life.

In addition, not to wait for the battery to run out before charging, waiting until the battery is completely exhausted before charging is also easy to cause the battery scrap.


Fourth, avoid too much dirt in the atomizer

After atomization, the smoke oil will produce condensate and stay on the atomizer. The condensate accumulated for a long time will condense into dirt and affect the normal use of the atomizer. Therefore, when using e-cigarettes, smokers should also clean up the dirt formed by condensation nodules in time, so as not to affect the normal use of the nebulizer.

To sum up, if you are a new user of e-cigarettes and have not paid attention to the above problems in the process of using e-cigarettes. Well, I suggest you pay attention from now on. So as not to discount the life of your e-cigarette products, or make your e-cigarette experience worse when using it.

Choosing the right vape can no doubt be daunting for new users. But, this article has made things for you by highlighting what factors to consider. You cannot go wrong if you follow this guide.

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