Guide for buying and using vape pods

Vaping has exploded from curiosity and become famous nowadays, even started getting public awarness. In today's era, e-cigs come in different forms catering to all users. Vape pods are a newer form of vaporizer and have increased demand. Choosing the best pod is difficult when you have a lot of options available. Here in this article, you can find some insight to purchase and use a new vape pod system.

What are vape pods?

The famous models of electronic cogs are vape pens and box mods. Vape pens are small and inexpensive but their batter is weaker and even have low quality coils whereas box mods are favourite of people for their style but their complexity and subtlety turn away most of the users. Vape pod systems are portable and precise to use with stronger batteries. This gives them broad appeal and they also have some unique features such as being designed to be highly intuitive to use, easy to refill & recharge with fewer moving parts, many models have self-contained cartridges that have e-juice, coil and wick that’s why less maintenance is required. Pods can be compatible with e-juice containing more nicotine and have cost between $20 to 40.


How are vape pods being used?

Pods offer a simpler starting point while functioning on the same fundamental principles as vape pens and box mods. These are made up of three important parts such as a battery that's housed in a mod that provides power to the device, a wire coil that heats up when required it also heats up e- juice drawn into wicks to produce vapour and a tank that contains the e-liquid as well as coil and wicks.


Pod systems are often designed to emulate a traditional cigarette, besides being simpler than the box mod interface this helps tobacco users seeking to quit by taking up vaping. Regular maintenance is important to preserve the flavor of vaping. A degradation in vapor quality is the indication that you need to replace the coil and clean the tank; this supply can easily get at any vape retailer.


Buying a new vape pod

When you are new to vape pod you can ignore finer details such as coil resistance and sub-ohm tanks until you don't get to know what you want from your vaping experience. Pods especially closed system vape pods are excellent for this because of being more self-contained. Also, make sure to read up on full product detail when you are interested in buying and also check which e-liquids are compatible with it. But if you choose an open pod system the tank is the main component that you need to check with vape juice to check its compatibility. You must take a few samples of different juices to decide which flavor you are looking for.


If you are trying out vape pods for you, vape pod kits are an excellent choice featuring all important components as an all in one system. For more questions regarding buying and using vape pods contact us today.



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