How can you fix common problems with Pod Vapes

Pod vaping systems might appear to be extremely unique from each other, however the issues that you could experience with them are generally something similar. At some time, practically everybody encounters an issue like weak hits, no hits or a leaky pod - and fortunately, with a bit of general guidance, you can fix practically any of those issues paying little heed to which explicit case system you own.

There are three reasons behind why a pod system could give you powerless hits.

The gadget's temperature protection is drawing in light of the fact that e liquid isn't arriving at the atomizer coil.

The pod isn't making a decent electrical connection with the battery.

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Insufficient air is moving through the pod, making the gadget's programmed puff sensor work inconsistently.

To fix weak hits with a pod system, begin by eliminating and inspecting the pod. Do the metal contacts inside the gadget or on the lower part of the pod look filthy? Clean the contacts with a cotton swab. On the off chance that the contacts are particularly filthy, you can dampen the cotton swab with a little rubbing liquor.

Overusing your gadget can make the temperature protection to engage. Ensure that you're waiting that the wicks will get wet in the future after each time you utilize your pod system.

Ultimately, it's obviously true that the automatic puff sensors in some pod systems might turn out to be less dependable after those gadgets have been in need for quite a while. As your pod system is giving you weak hits it might be it keeps on turning off and on when you puff, for this you can try covering one of the air intake vents with your finger while you inhale. This will increase the pressure of the air flowing through the device and help the puff sensor work more reliably.

Assuming your pod has an overabundance e liquid inside the atomizer coil assembly, you'll encounter gurgling and spitting - however that is not all. If the atomizer curl is totally wrecked with juice, a portion of that e-fluid will end up spilling out of the lower part of the pod. You may likewise encounter spills in the event that the pod seal is defective - in which case, it's the ideal opportunity for buying a new pod. But before buying new pod system research properly. In case, have any doubt you can contact us.