How Does An E Cig Work?

Before discussing how an e cig (electronic cigarette) works, let’s first discuss how a regular, traditional cigarette works. A traditional cigarette consists of tobacco leaves that have been dried, along with other substances, rolled into a paper. The smoker lights the end of the cigarette, takes a drag, inhales the smoke, and exhales remaining smoke. The ashes and the butt of the cigarette are disposed of in an ashtray.

An e-cigarette, however, has no tobacco, no tobacco smoke, no fire, no ashes and no butt to discard. It looks much like a regular tobacco-filled cigarette, tastes almost the same, and satisfies the smoker’s craving for nicotine.

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How they Work

The e-cig is powered by a very small lithium ion battery that has been made to look like a regular cigarette. This battery provides the power and also allows the body, or sleeve, of the cigarette to be made in a variety of colors, to look like a normal cigarette or in vivid bright colors, if the user so desires.

When the smoker takes a drag on the e-cig, a sensor inside detects the flow of air, which then activates an atomizer which transforms the liquid inside into a vapor. This vapor is inhaled by the smoker. Not only does the sensor vaporize the liquid, it causes the end, or tip, of the electronic cigarette to glow, or illuminate, looking very much like a lit cigarette.

Components of the E-Cig

All e-cigs are as simple design and made up of similar components; some having a two-part assembly and others having three parts.

The three part assembly includes the battery, or body of the electronic cigarette, a cartridge that is pre-filled or refillable, and in the middle, an atomizer which vaporizes the liquid in the cartridge, producing the vapor that looks just like cigarette smoke.

The two-part assembly consists of the battery housing, or body of the e cig, and the cartridge, which contains the atomizer. The two-part assembly works in the same way as the three-part assembly, creating an authentic cloud of smoke whenever the user draws on the cigarette.

Do They Taste Like Real Cigarettes?

What differentiates the many brands of e-cigs is the taste and flavor. The cartridge contains the nicotine, or nicotine-free substitute, and the flavor of the smoker’s choice. Different brands offer different flavors and many brands offer different strengths, such as light, medium, full-flavored, etc.

The nicotine and flavoring are suspended in a liquid chemical referred to as propylene glycol, a common ingredient found in toothpaste, food, cosmetics, and medicines. The chemical, propylene glycol, has been approved for use by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).


The electronic cigarette is and simple, yet clever design to bring you, the smoker, the satisfaction of smoking, but without the harmful carcinogens which are dangerous not only to your health, but also to those around you. This modern-day gadget is a convenient alternative to a traditional cigarette, with no smoke, no fire, no messy ashes and no harmful cocktail of toxins.