How Effective Are TAKI Mini Disposable E-Cigarettes?

How Effective Are TAKI Mini Disposable E-Cigarettes?Considering the amount of vapor produced, all the flavors are rather amazing.

The flavors are strong enough to not diminish, there are no stale blows, and the vapor is seamless all the way to the edge owing to the nic-salts.

Let's look at each flavor...

Mung Bean Ice

You may not understand how Mung Bean feels. But you know that if this flavor tastes like Mung Bean, you will appreciate it! This tastes like cucumber and is incredibly pleasant. The trace of menthol (ice) perfectly complements the pleasant flavor.

Burst of Blueberry

This tiny gem is very delicious; it tastes exactly like blueberries. This flavor does not contain any menthol, although it is soothing.

Litchi Ice (Lychee)

It is not the most pronounced flavor. You may have never had Lychee before, so consider going to the supermarket and buying some. We suppose they taste like grapes, however, the flavor of these really enormous berries is really not strong, yet we still give this flavor high ratings.

Coffee on Ice

With vaping still in its initial phases, the only vape juice stores offering (aside from vape shops, which are infrequent) sell coffee and tobacco, with the occasional berry or menthol flavor thrown in for good measure.

This flavor brings back memories of those days; it tastes quite close to conventional coffee/cappuccino flavors.

You may enjoy this flavor since it does not have the tickly throat-punch of a regular 18mg freebase nicotine. It tastes somewhat creamier, and the Ice is the biggest boost of all.

The menthol elevates the flavor above and beyond traditional coffee flavors, making it far more refreshing.

Tobacco cured in a flue

What are your initial thoughts on this flavor? This is not as strong as the other flavors in the line or other tobacco flavors you have recently experienced. The more you puff on the stick, the better it becomes. The flavor just seems to intensify, and it resembles a caramel-y/creamy cigarette.

Not everyone will get what we are getting at, although different tobaccos have somewhat different flavors, and some actually have a caramel flavor.

If you do not know what we are talking about, do not go out and locate a cigarette that tastes like caramel. They do not taste like a slice of caramel at all.

Device Life

Compared to the promised expectations, the overall consensus from these products is still not great. The devices promise to produce up to 400 puffs.

Here is what you can accomplish...

  • The Mung Bean Ice gives up just when you think you have reached the midway point. Providing a respectable but low 266 puffs.
  • The Blueberry Burst does not even make it that far, topping out at 247 puffs. As your hopes decrease, so does its longevity; with 228 puffs, you reach the Lychee Ice.
  • Whenever it comes to 259 puffs, Ice Coffee raises the average expectation again. To prevent you from having to go for your calculator, a typical puff count of the devices is 250. We do not think it is bad, but that the manufacturers tout the devices to offer 400 puffs is awful.
  • The Blue LED indicator flashes repeatedly whenever the gadget gets drained.

Airflow and Vapor Production

These devices do an excellent job of simulating a cigarette, with excellent vapor production along with airflow.

Take Away

Everyone can have a lot of fun with the Taki Mini devices. There is no faffing; you receive exactly what you see. They are nothing special. These units will not disappoint whether you are hunting for a disposable cig-alike or would like to test a low-powered vape that has plenty of nicotine.



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