How long do vape pods last?

Vape pods becoming really popular in the market today. But still many people don’t know much about it such as how long it takes to run out of juice or when you have to get it replaced. People who uses their vape pod once or twice per day will last longer than the people who use it multiple times per day. We have a range of pod systems it will help you to tell when it’s time to change your pod. Thanks to a transparent vape pod it's easy to tell it's time for a new pod.  

The amount you are vaping daily helps you get an idea of how long it will take you to get through your vape pod. The best idea is to record or keeps track. This way you become a smarter user, a better vaper and have longer durability for your vape pods.


There is no fixed time for vape pods to last but most of the pods last between three to five days, this is for people who are average smokers. But for people who vapes constantly their vape pod run out in as little as one to two days. By keeping track of r-liquid usage you can figure out a rough estimate of how much time you need to replace your pods.  


How to get an idea a vape pod is running out

One of the most important things about using a vape pod is knowing its warning signs of an empty or nearly empty signs. There are a few signs that one should keep in mind-

Less flavor: If your vape juice flavor is weaker then your pod will probably be in its last stage. This is because there is little or no e-juice left in the pot and thus there is nothing to vaporise. Even you start having a burnt taste.

Less vapour: The second thing to notice is a reduction in the amount of vapor emitted in your system. This is because there is no e-juice for your pod to turn into vapour.

How to make your vape pods last longer

Here are some suggestions you can use to make your pods last longer:

  • Pay attention when using your pods.
  • If you are ex-smoker try using e-liquid with a higher nicotine concentration
  • Clean and maintain your device to use its efficient level.
  • Choose less sweet and colourful e-liquids.

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