How to know what kind of vape juice a pod vape takes

So what is the best type of vape juice to use inside pod vapes? Simple: Nic Salts vape juice. Why? Again, simple: it’s designed specifically for use in pod systems. You get more flavor, more nicotine, and better overall performance for your pod vape.

Different Vapes Require Different Vape Juices

Pod Mods – the vast majority of them, anyway – are MTL (mouth to lung) devices, meaning they draw like a cigarette. For this reason, you cannot use high VG vape juice; it doesn’t have enough of a throat hit.

MTL Vapes Need Nic Salts Vape Juice. Period!
When MTL vaping, you need to balance the throat-hit and the flavor. Ideally, you want a nice throat-hit, nothing too harsh, and plenty of flavor. Because Nic Salts vape juices are higher in PG (this is what makes the throat hit) you also get plenty of flavor.

You can also run Nic Salts vape juice much higher than normal, standard high VG juice. Pod vapes produce less vapor, so while I might use 3MG nicotine juice on my RDA when I’m using my pod vape, I always use 10-20MG of nicotine.

Why? Because the amount of vapor produced is so much smaller, so you need a juice that can pick up the slack. And this is where Nic Salts come into play. They have higher levels of nicotine but because they’re made from salts (not freebase) they’re not harsh.

Higher Levels of Nicotine + Smoother Taste + Lots of Flavor = Nic Salts Vape Juice
This is the #1 reason why we launched our Nic Salts line of vape juice. More and more people are switching to pods and, by proxy, Nic Salts. But here’s the thing: Nic Salts vape juice can be hit and miss. You need to make sure you’re getting US-made, quality stuff.