How to make your own vape juice?

Step 1: prepare the required ingredients

Preparing for nicotine

You can use a number of different flavors of nicotine, some higher in VG, some higher in PG, and some utilize "nicotine salts" to create a thicker but smoother vape juice. buy nicotine products that comply with local laws to make your vape juice,

Prepare PG and VG

Aside from nicotine, these are the most basic aspects of any vape juice mix. Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, two harmless organic liquids used in various medical and confectionary products.

PG is a thinner liquid that conveys flavor well and gives the user a noticeable chest "shock" when inhaled. VG is a thicker liquid that creates a lot of clouds and is easier to inhale.

Both liquids can be purchased in bulk as they are nicotine-free. While a combination of the two is more common, some sub-ohm e-cigarettes do have 100% VG vape juice mixed in, so consider this before buying.

Both are better because even just a small amount of PG will improve the taste of your vape juice

Preparing the Flavor Concentrate

This is when you can be the most creative, you can choose any flavor you like, add them to each other, mix them until you have the flavor you like,

Step 2: start making your vape juice

Now, with the equipment and ingredients listed above, you can start making your own vape juice.

Depending on your nicotine needs to formulate the juice, you also need to control the pg/vg ratio to get the smoothness and amount of smoke you want. The amounts of each ingredient can be obtained based on your totals and percentages, use an appropriately sized syringe to extract the amount of PG and VG you determined, then add them to the beaker you will use for mixing.

Step 3, mix all the ingredients and wait for a while

Now you have a glass of vape juice that is completely tasteless. You can smoke it now, although it won't be pleasant overall. PG is tasteless in its raw state As a general rule of thumb, 5% of your vape juice from concentrate will create a very subtle taste, while 20% is considered by many to be the upper limit, resulting in a little too strong taste for some or too sweet.

You've now got your entire mixture in the beaker, it's time to give it a stir to get it all mixed together. Wait a while for the flavors to develop to their best, usually around 4-5 days.

Hope you can get your favorite e-cigarette juice through your own experiments.

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