How to properly smoke e-cigarettes? Advice for beginners

To use your device properly, you should first understand how it works.

The basic operation of the device remains almost the same: the battery powers a coil that gets very hot and instantly vaporizes the e-liquid inside the atomizer. Then you inhale the steam through the mouthpiece.  

Before you start using an e-cigarette, make sure your device is fully charged and functional.

The actual vaping process isn't very difficult, but there are a few things you need to know before you start puffing and throat punching.

The steps below contain all the correct instructions to give your device the ideal experience.

Three methods:

Mouth to lung

This method is a great place for beginners to start. 

You simply suck the steam into your mouth, just like you would with a straw. Allow the steam to stay in your mouth for a moment, then gently open your mouth and inhale slowly into your lungs. Exhale gently, and a small cloud of steam will come out of your mouth.

The mouth-to-lung approach is less impactful and won't overwhelm your lungs. This method is also great for tasting all the flavors of the vape because it lingers on the taste buds longer.

Straight to the lungs

A slightly more advanced move, the direct-to-lung approach allows you to hit bigger and faster.

Think of this method as releasing a filled balloon into your lungs.

Take a deep breath in, flow through your mouth, and end up deep in your lungs. Hold for a second, then exhale. This prolonged puff will result in a large and satisfying cloud of vapor.

For starters, this method may cause a mild cough. It may take a few tries before you get the hang of going straight into the lungs. But there's no need to force yourself—start with holding the steam in your lungs for one second until you can increase it to three or four seconds.

only mouth

Some people breathe the steam into their mouth, taste it, and exhale it right away. You may hear this method called "puffing".

Avoiding the lungs is an option for those who don't like lung vapors.

Some e-cigarette brands recommended

Choosing a good brand is very important for a beginner. If you choose a fake product, it will frustrate the first experience and greatly reduce the enthusiasm for e-cigarettes, then you will lose a lot of fun. The following nine brands are It has been well received by consumers for a long time, and you can go to their website to buy your favorite products with confidence.


Hope you can have the best experience.