How to travel the UK with your Vape

Travel may not be everyone's top priority right now, but it will soon be back as more countries open their borders and entire populations learn to live fully while taking precautions against COVID-19. If you do have air travel in your upcoming plans, whether for work or pleasure, there are a few factors to consider—not only to keep away from illness, but also whether you can take your e-cigarette with you on the plane. If you're traveling abroad, be sure to check the laws regarding traveling with e-cigarettes in your destination. You should also check with the airline of your choice to make sure you understand their regulations. However, here are some general rules you may encounter.

Take an electronic cigarette on a plane

The rules regarding flying with vaping devices are constantly evolving and they may vary by airport and airline. Some common limitations include:

Therefore, VEEX has selected the following products for you to travel:


Perhaps the design of the separation of the bomb bays is everyone's favorite. But be aware that any brand of e-cigarette can leak oil when you fly. In response, VEEX has redesigned the pod so that it can be used on an airplane without incident. At the same time, with different flavors of pods, it can also make your travel experience different.

Brand  disposabke puff bar TAKI T50

Delicate and compact design, and disposable. You don't even need to bring a charging cable for it, isn't it amazing. Even better, it contains a large capacity of e-liquid inside. It not only complies with aviation regulations, but also allows you to replace pods less frequently

Where can you vape?

Whether you can use e-cigarettes at the airport depends on the airport. Unfortunately, airport restrictions on vaping appear to be tightening rather than relaxing. If you're not sure if/where you can use e-cigarettes, ask - don't assume.

As for vaping on a plane, don't. In fact, most airlines have now included specific instructions against vaping in their pre-flight notices. And don't try to sneak around in the toilet. While e-cigarettes are unlikely to trigger smoke detectors, it can (a cautionary tale). Some airlines, such as Qatar Airways, have actually arrested and jailed travelers for vaping on flights. Like smoking, vaping isn't worth the risk of fines or even jail time for nicotine. Wait until you land and you are in an area where vaping is allowed.

Where can't you vape?

Note that some countries do not have access to e-cigarettes at all. You may encounter the strictest restrictions in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. In general, you may be at the highest risk of punishment if you vape in the following areas:

Banning vaping could lead to jail time: Thailand, India, Philippines, Taiwan

E-cigarettes banned (including nicotine-free): Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Mexico, Seychelles, Singapore, Turkey, Uganda, Uruguay, Venezuela, Vietnam

No vaping (except nicotine-free): Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, South Africa

A word on vaping in the US: There are no nationwide vaping restrictions in the US, so be sure to check the regulations for the specific state you're going to.