How to use the Pod System?

Pod vape is the most basic type of electronic cigarette, these five steps

Make sure your device is fully charged

If the pod you are using is the type of refillable e-liquid, then fill it with e-liquid of your choice

Let the wick soak for at least 5-10 minutes

Insert the pod firmly into the device, if your pod is of the switch type, turn it on

If your e-cigarette has adjustable airflow, make sure to adjust it to your preferred setting

If your pod vape has an ignition button, hold it while you inhale. If not, take a puff like you would a regular cigarette

What are the best pod vape kits out there?

Every pod mod on this list is personally used by the review team, not just randomly picked.

Here's our pick of the latest and greatest pod vape kits

Veex v1

Veex's most classic series is also the best-selling generation of Veex. The long-term favorite of consumers is its endorsement of the best quality. This one is worthy of our recommendation. There are many colors and flavors for you to choose from, and it can be combined with relx adaptation.

Veex v4

Veex v4 is a new series of veex series pod systems, and it is also a product that we are trying our best to promote. It has a streamlined shape, beautiful colors, and a very comfortable grip. It is a product designed for young people who love fashion, and we have also introduced a lot of new flavors for him.

TAKI Wuuz s12

TAKI Wuuz s12 has four cool shapes and strong performance. European and American customers love this product very much. It has a power of 16-18w and a power of 800mah.