How to use the Veex vape device?

How does the Veex vape work? Most vapers will not experience vape E-liquid leaks when using it. If your VEEX vape pod shows a slight amount of vape E-liquid leakage, you can continue to use it, but dry the leaking vape E-liquid before inserting it into the veex device, and as a reminder, if your vape pod is also leaking vape E-liquid, you can wipe the air path of the vape pod with a paper towel.
You should also be aware that leaks may occur due to one of the following reasons, which may pull the oil in the vape pod into the air path.

1. Hard blowing

Treatment: Try to avoid it.

2、 Squeezing or biting the smoke cartridge when you inhale

Treatment: Relax your mouth.

3、Squeeze the wide side of the VEEX when inserting a VEEX vape pod

Handling: Place your finger on the outer edge of the hard metal when you insert the VEEX vape pod.

If you experience excessive leakage of the VEEX vape products, or if leakage still occurs after making these adjustments, please contact your seller.



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