Newly Revealed: 2020 China VAPE Brand Products Annual List

Combining the sales data, market share, consumer surveys, product user experience and evaluation of all aspects of the major e-cigarette brands to summarize the comprehensive strength ranking of China's e-cigarette brands in 2020. However, the current e-cigarette industry has not yet formed a standardized regulatory system, let alone a professional third-party data agency has the right and effective access to real data.

Therefore, this annual list, steam new consumption only from the product level, through the professional tastemaker, atomization test researcher, electronic cigarette players, senior users to do a comprehensive experience and evaluation of each brand products, product experience and evaluation mainly include: hit the throat feeling, fullness, smoke oil, restore degree, smoke volume, whether fried oil, whether oil leakage, suction resistance size, battery capacity, power display and reminder, appearance, material, process, mouthpiece comfort. Material, process, mouthpiece comfort, grip comfort and other 15 aspects of the comprehensive scoring, the final summary of the 2020 list of outstanding brand products in order as follows

RELX, MOTI Magic Flute, ZIPPO VAZO, YOOZ, VEEX, SNOWPLUS, ESUN, Thinkr , ChillMist , Foogo, gippro, GXG, AUV, TOOVP, FIBIE.


Since its inception, VEEX people have insisted on pursuing the route of quality first, technology driven and product innovation. VEEX team is composed of domestic top food science experts, Internet continuous entrepreneurial team, eight years of electronic cigarette business experience team, with professional technology research and development, professional ID design capabilities, professional manufacturing capabilities. VEEX this year's products continue to iterate and update, technically very attentive, high-powered large smoke, smooth taste, layered, and stylish appearance, is a brand with a rapid rise in products in the year 2020, this product comprehensive brand into the top five.


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