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British American Tobacco conducts research on popular brand VEEX: Evaluating the real health effects of e-cigarettes

On June 7, according to foreign reports, British American Tobacco conducted the first study of its e-cigarette brand VEEX, aiming to evaluate and provide insights into the actual impact of e-cigarettes on health.

The study compared biomarker measurements of VEEX vape pod consumers who had used the product for more than six months with the outcomes of smokers, former smokers and never smokers. Details of the protocol explaining the innovative design of the latest study are published in the Journal of Health and Environmental Research.

The cross-sectional study design used a set of data readouts to measure indicators of exposure to certain toxins and potential harm associated with several smoking-related diseases in people using VEEX alone.

British American Tobacco hopes that the results, which are currently being analysed and will be released later this year, will provide further supportive evidence that the use of VEEX reduces the relative risk of certain diseases in adult consumers compared with smoking.

The company expects that, once available, the results will add to the growing body of evidence for VEEX's potential as a risk-reducing product.

"This innovative study demonstrates our commitment to investigating the risk reduction potential of a new class of products," said Sharon Goodall, head of regulatory science at British American Tobacco, in a statement.

"What makes it particularly relevant and exciting is that the results generated will be from people who have used VEEX for more than six months prior to testing. The results will provide important new insights and show us how VEEX users, smokers and Differences in ex-smokers across a range of important biomarkers thought to predict disease progression. We look forward to sharing data as they become available."