Smoking to Vaping Transitions

Many smokers today are transitioning to "e-cigarettes," or inhaling flavored vapors through e-cigarettes or vaping devices. If you're a smoker, you might want to consider making a change - vaping is one of the fastest growing trends in the world, and no wonder! It may be difficult for you to choose among the many e-cigarette brands. Compared to many professional steam players. VEEX vape may not be their best bet. But certainly the best for beginners, VEEX e-cigarettes vape have many advantages over traditional cigarettes, including:


After your initial investment in a vape device, you'll find substantial savings. Maybe you don't know how much you spend on cigarettes in a year. But VEEX equipment will definitely be the price you are satisfied with. On average, vaping costs 50% less than smoking.


Smokeless and odorless

Vaping involves heating a liquid to create steam, which does not require combustion. Therefore, e-cigarettes are smokeless. Imagine being able to satisfy your nicotine cravings without the problems that come with smoking. No secondhand smoke can endanger family members or colleagues, and there is no lingering smell of smoke on your breath or clothes. Your home won't smell like stale smoke because vaping doesn't leave residue on furniture, curtains, carpets, or walls and ceilings. Your car interior will remain pristine. And, since there are no lighters, matches or burning cigarette butts involved, there is little risk of accidental fires. (Smoking is one of the leading causes of home fires.)


Raw material

Commercial tobacco can contain hundreds or even thousands of chemicals, many of which are known carcinogens. VEEX e-liquids typically consist of two to six ingredients: water, nicotine, propylene glycol, and food-grade flavorings. Many do not contain nicotine.


Nicotine Control

E-liquids or e-liquids for vaping are available in versions with and without nicotine flavors and with varying degrees of nicotine concentration. If your ultimate goal is to reduce your nicotine dependence, you can easily monitor your intake by choosing the appropriate concentration.



Cigarettes are tobacco-flavored. You might change it from Virginia tobacco to British tobacco to a menthol blend, but in reality, cigarettes only come in one flavor. It is estimated that the number of flavors of e-liquid is far more than 7,000! Choose from sweet cantaloupe daiquiri, root beer, cinnamon hearts, chai tea, lemon meringue, caramel mocha latte, butter popcorn and thousands of flavors. Herbal compounds using ingredients like lavender, vanilla, and fennel are also popular. Of course, there are also many tobacco-flavored e-liquids.


Select Vape Device

Currently two popular products of VEEX. One is the V-series of the bomb bay separation system. It has a variety of flavors for you to choose from. The other is the T series of disposable electronic cigarettes, which not only guarantees large steam, but also enjoys a rich taste. For smokers who pursue a convenient life, this must be the best choice.


The ritual of vaping is in many ways similar to the ritual of smoking. For example, rechargeable minis can be charged in a box that looks like a regular cigarette pack. Mini cigarettes look so much like real cigarettes that they are often mistaken for tobacco. And, of course, e-cigarette users get their nicotine through inhalation, just like smokers.


At first, the feeling may feel foreign, but for most smokers, the transition from smoking to vaping is natural and easy.