Sunflower Guardian Protection

Sunflower Guardian Protection

Since the establishment, VEEX has made great efforts in the protection of the underage. On November 11, 2019, VEEX proposed to prohibit the sale of electronic atomizers to minors under the age of 18. After the release of VEEX’s first product, VEEX launched a “protection” aimed at protecting minors. Sunflower action".


In the Flower Protection Campaign, it is clear that VEEX will resolutely implement the purpose of "keep minors away from electronic atomizers". The prohibition of selling electronic atomizers to people under the age of 18 is a market iron law of VEEX: No sales channel can peddle VEEX's electronic atomizer products to minors, which has been solidified into VEEX's code of conduct.


To effectively eliminate the phenomenon of promoting electronic atomizers to minors, VEEX also engraved the clear mark of "Minors purchase and use strictly" on the outer packaging and manual of the product.


VEEX Scholarship

In 2021, VEEX will comprehensively upgrade the flower protection operation, and the sunflower plan is an important development in the second phase of VEEX's flower protection operation. VEEX Technology will establish a "VEEX Scholarship" with the educational development foundations of 10 universities. The first group is Wuhan University, South China University of Technology, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, each year to support 15 students with excellent academic performance and financial difficulties. It aims to better implement corporate social responsibility and promote the development of social welfare.

  "VEEX Scholarship" will be used to reward outstanding students and encourage them to achieve success in their studies; to help students from poor families and reduce their academic financial burden.

Keeping minors away from electronic atomizers not only requires the consciousness of VEEX, but also a systematic project that requires the participation of the market. How to accurately identify minors and eliminate the hidden dangers from the source is the key to electronic atomizer companies to prevent minors from buying.

VEEX people insist on technology-driven product innovation and believe that relying on advanced technical means, the problem of "keep minors away from electronic atomizers" will also be effectively solved. To achieve technological breakthroughs, VEEX has conducted in-depth technical cooperation with colleges and universities. WIK Technology will cooperate with Wuhan University, South China University of Technology, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, and other well-known universities and colleges to develop an intelligent protection system for minors-Sunflower System. It is reported that the system has achieved a breakthrough in technology, and this system will be applied to the practice of market channels shortly.

The person in charge of VEEX related technologies introduced that, different from the general store face recognition and user portrait analysis, the Sunflower system integrates advanced technological means such as AI intelligence, face recognition, and age verification, aiming to expand face recognition. Our technology successfully screens users who are suspected of being minors and creates a digital and intelligent verification solution for all-round face and product perception. After the system is put into application, the phenomenon of minors pretending to be adults to purchase electronic atomizers for consumption will be eliminated. According to reports, during the testing phase, the effective rate of the system was as high as 99.97%, which prevented minors from purchasing electronic atomizers from the source.

  The person in charge of VEEX marketing department told reporters that VEEX will gradually promote the use of the system in VEEX stores and cover all VEEX stores nationwide within three months. Through big data and AI technology, the preventable and traceable link from the store to the user's purchase is realized, and the minors are effectively prevented from contacting and purchasing electronic atomizers.

 Industry analysts believe that the launch of the sunflower system has positive demonstration significance for the entire industry. If industry standards are formed, then the source control of the market chaos of minors buying electronic atomizers will be realized.