TAKI-VEEX new T31 puff bar online|The unique design concept of product manager

TAKI-VEEX new T31 "Super Puff BAR" series is officially online, is also the third disposable product recently launched by VEEXTECH, this looks a little "bulky" machine is not like other disposable products have a light and simple appearance, the designer said that this is because the TAKI-VEEX T31 Super puff bar disposable vape device has a complex internal structure, despite the use of disposable products, but also want to increase its performance. Although it is a disposable product, but also want to increase its performance in the performance, so how is this super stick, let's find out.
First of all, the frosted black appearance, seemingly simple "black box" in fact, there is a lot of content, because T31 built-in large capacity of the oil storage space, all necessarily have a larger appearance, and too big to hold in the hands of the stick will be too big. The product manager said it has gone through 50 size grip experiments to achieve the most extreme fit in performance and appearance grip, while maintaining a large capacity and also ensure a comfortable grip. In fact, the TAKI-VEEX T31 is very skin-friendly in your hands, just enough to hold in your hands, it can be said that the designers of the T31 also put a lot of effort.
TAKI-VEEX T31 also has the same high-performance internal structure performance, 10ml of large capacity breaks the shackles of traditional disposable e-cigarettes,VEEX product manager said: "This TAKI-VEEX T31 in our official test, you can vape 5000-6000 puffs, is a great breakthrough, the past electronic cigarettes are generally within 1000, we want to continue to upgrade the product We want to upgrade and redefine the disposable e-cigarette products", you can see that VEEX has sufficient ambition in product development, and this stride also allows us to be amazed at the performance of this large-capacity e-cigarette.

In addition to the large capacity, TAKI-VEEX T31 puff bar is also equipped with MESH coil, MESH coil is now the leading technology in the electronic smoke chemistry core, I believe that many e-cigarette enthusiasts have had similar experiences, with the use of electronic cigarettes increase in time, the taste of its atomized ammunition will become increasingly light, one is from the atomized ammunition with the combustion process atomization capacity will gradually weaken, weakening the flavor of the atomized liquid; second, people are feeling adapted to the After gradually adapting to the taste, more stimulation is needed to enrich the taste. Fortunately, MESH mesh coil has excellent ability to maintain the unity of taste, and the full range of heating combustion vape pod, the more burning flavor, no matter how many puffs, always as rich as the first puff surging.
T31 super puff bar this new also gave players enough DIY experience, with the electronic cigarette presented an exclusive custom stickers, TAKI-VEEX T31 products square and is frosted texture, but the overall design pattern, VEEXTECH gift puff bar this thoughtful little design perfect solution to the T31 rod surface more monotonous problem, and this initiative to the user, cute bear puff bar immediately let every user can have their own Unique atomization rod.
VEEXTECH continues to work on product innovation and research and development, with patience and creativity to continue to create excellent products, each product has brought us different product features, leaving a deep impression, Vickers product manager said: "The future is difficult and long, under the control of national standards, we will continue to take the right path, research and development of subtle atomization components, make continuous Upgrade optimization of the vape." The editor also believes in, let's wait and see.

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