In order to make the taste flavor loved by every consumer, the abstract taste experience is defined concretely one by one.
After 72 comprehensive product evaluations and rigorous testing of engineering science, we started from the five criteria of taste to let users reach the singularity where sensory art and atomization technology meet.
By reconstructing the design of the AirDocker reflux chamber and MultiSafe oil locking layer in the atomization chamber, we found a way to make you enjoy the pleasure more safely.

NCODE® Product Deconstruction

NCODE®, a brand of self-researched ceramic atomizer, includes a complete set of atomization technology solutions, including chip technology and MCU (Micro Control Unit), in addition to microporous ceramic atomizer cores and matching temperature control heating methods.
In order to let every user enjoy the same atomization experience, the use of safe and harmless ceramic formula, ceramic matrix using high purity two silicon oxide and other six elements of the black ceramic, the material does not contain lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and other harmful substances.
NCODE® ceramic atomizer core has a larger heating area, faster start-up speed, and higher reduction of oil analysis; ceramic porosity is higher, honeycomb interwoven microporous oil lock, which can better solve the problem of oil leakage.
NCODE® contains the meaning of New code, which means the re-deconstruction of the product, the next product is always a better work.

Five Criteria of Geek

Purity and layering
360° circumferential atomization, always at 230°C.
The aroma is released layer by layer at the right and precise temperature.

Atomization coil technology
Resistance value control around ±0.05Ω , TPM stable at 6.5-8mg.
Abundant and stable amount of vapor is obtained with each puff.

Hardware sensitivity
Accurate completion of atomization in about 0.2 seconds per puff
Smooth, full, no delay, as you expect.

Suction resistance and vaping sound
Controlled within 350pa and 10db.
Excellent airway structure design, more comfortable to use.

Mouth shape fit
The thickness surface of the product between 5 and 7mm.
Restore the familiar power of the mouth.


Let the flavor to get the highest restoration, the user to get the real taste and smoke experience, can let the user get better experience the electronic cigarette(vape), and get fun, is the geek purpose of TAKI-VEEX




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