Time to change a vape coil

Any type of vaping device you have but changing a vape coil is going to be a regular part of your routine. So, to maintain the best possible flavor and performance, you need to change your pod system every few days. In this article, you will get the brief to change your vape coil.


Time to change a vape coil

So, while using a vape pod system you must be thinking about when you should change a vape coil? So, the best answer is when you are no longer satisfied with the flavor. When a coil is old you may notice a change in flavor such as you will no longer be able to taste the subtle notes in your vape juice, your e-liquid has become sweeter and it starts beginning to taste burnt; the burnt taste like deeply caramelized sugar.

When the vape heating surface is burned you may notice a sensation of irritation or tightness in the back of your throat. When you start experiencing throat irritation it's time to change the coil. A vape coil has defined life but you don’t need to replace them every day.


How to make your vape coil last longer

If you are not happy with the longevity of your vape coils and like them to last longer you need to determine what’s causing them to burn out. When the vape coil burned out it may be because of two reasons either e-liquid residue has fouled the heating surface or the coil’s cotton wick is burned.


Can you clean and reuse vape coils?

If e-liquid residue is the reason why your coils are burning out then cleaning can remove the residue and restore the original flavor of the coil.


How to change a vape coil in the pod system

When the pod is empty remove it from the system. Try to hold it upside down.

Twist the pod’s system base to loosen it and remove it.

Pull the old vape coil out of the system

Push the new vape coil into the system

Replace the pod’s base and refill the pod system


Tips for changing any vape coil properly

As you gain vaping experience you will learn basic instructions for changing a vape coil to get the best possible flavor and coil life. Use these vape coil replacement tips to ensure that you have the best experience with your pod system:


Always replace the coil when your pod is empty. Opening a pod breaks its internal seal and causes any e-liquid in the reservoir to spill out.


To maintain flavor quality it's a good idea to rinse and dry your pod every time you replace the coil. Rinsing removes old e-liquid that can cause flavor contamination.

Priming the coil helps to ensure that the wick will be completely wet when you start vaping and helps to prevent the wick from burning.


After replacing the coil and filling the pod, let it rest for several minutes to give the e-liquid time to penetrate the wick fully.



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