Top 10 vape pod for beginners

Best vape pod for beginners

Many vape cartridges on the market today allow you to refill the cartridge and replace the coil, sometimes with functions more like traditional vape mod.

Top 10 vape pod for beginners

What is the best pod system to start smoking e-cigarettes? We have summarized the top 10 pod mod lists to help you find the right one for yourself.


1 – WUUZ  Storm(WUUZ S12)

WUUZ S12 vape device kit    shop now

WUUZ S12 costs $55.00.

WUUZ  Storm has won our choice of the best pod system. WUUZ Storm provides variable power up to 18 W, with 1380mAh built-in battery and waterproof, shockproof and dustproof design.


2 – Voopoo Vinci X

Vinci x refillable Pod System

The price of the kit is $38.99, but as a standard, it contains so many things, which is very cost-effective.

Voopoo's Vinci x is another pod system that goes far beyond providing basic equipment for those looking for refillable Juul pods. Vinci X has many of the same advantages as the target pm80. Although the maximum power output is slightly lower than 70 W, it compensates for the power reduction by increasing the pod capacity to 5.5 ml (although a 2 ml EU version is also available) and the new version of the kit has five coils.

The device also operates with a single 18650 battery purchased separately, which seems to be a disadvantage, but it provides you with greater flexibility and allows you to carry a spare battery with you when you go out for a period of time. The included coils are three mesh options (0.6, 0.45 and 0.3 ohms), one standard coil has a resistance of 0.8 ohms and one has a resistance of 1 ohm, The latter two are more suitable for low power settings and nicotine salt smoke oil


3 – vaporesso target pm80

Pod mod vape of vaporesso

You can buy it for $27.95.

Vaporesso's target pm80 is a device more like a mini electronic cigarette than the traditional cigarette bomb system. It provides a similar module experience through the convenience of the cigarette bomb system. It is rectangular, with a color TFT display on the front, a large firing key above and two adjustment keys below.

Target pm80 provides variable wattage e-cigarettes up to 80 W with two mesh coils (0.2 ohm and 0.3 ohm options), so its performance is consistent with many modules on the market. The pod has a capacity of 4 ml and is completely transparent, so you can easily check the amount of juice left. The device is powered by a 2000 MAH battery, which is enough for a day's e-cigarette, but it only takes 45 minutes to charge.


4 – Smok Novo 3

Vaping novo 2 smoke bomb

You can buy smok novo 3 for $18.95.

Smok novo 3 firmly competes for the title of the best smoke bomb system in 2021 because it does a good job in balancing the simplicity that e-cigarette users are looking for in smoke bomb systems with excellent performance. Novo adopts a simple pen appearance. The new version is basically the same as the original version, but the battery life is increased to 800 MAH. It can be pumped 600 times when fully charged.

The device still works "automatically", so you only need to smoke, but it is equipped with a 1.4 ohm mouth to lung pod and a 1 ohm mesh coil to further improve the performance, which can accommodate 2 ml of juice and cocoa refill. If you are looking for a traditional style Pod System (a real refillable jull alternative), Novo 3 is the best choice on the market.


5 – Smok RPM 2 80W

Pod mod for vaping nicotine salts and electronic liquids

The kit costs $33.95.

Smok's "RPM" series is "real pod mods", which basically means that they have the basic operation and style of pod system, but they are more like the traditional vape mod. RPM 80 is an excellent salt NIC device because it provides a huge power of up to 80 W and is equipped with a 2000 MAH battery. Even at the high end of the power range, you can spend a day with an electronic cigarette.

It has a pen shape, but has a full-color display, one button to start and two adjustment buttons to dial in your settings. The device is equipped with two 5ml smoke bombs (one rpm and one RGC). The entry kit contains 0.4 ohm mesh and 0.17 ohm conical mesh coil, both of which perform well in handling salt and ordinary electronic juice. It also has adjustable air flow, convenient side supplement system and "plug and play" system for installing coils, making it easy to set up.


6 – Voopoo Drag S

VooPoo pod vape mod

The voopoo drag s costs $34.95 and comes with a kit with a pod and several coils, as well as a C-type charger.

Drag s is between the module and the pod system. It has a cylindrical pen shape, but has the interface and function of the module, as well as an elegant leather jacket wrapped around it. First, it is equipped with 2300 MAH battery, which can be easily used all day even at higher power settings, and its charging current is 2A. With a smoke cartridge capacity of 4.5ml, the plug and play (PNP) coil system can easily install and remove the coil even if you are not familiar with electronic cigarettes, and it is also compatible with the whole PNP series coil. Using this kit, you can obtain a 0.3 ohm and a 0.2 ohm PNP coil.

Drag s supports electronic cigarettes up to 60 W. there is a beautiful display and two buttons on the front panel, so you can adjust them easily. The pod is pctg plastic, but it also has the appearance of a traditional tank, not a pod. There is a filling system at the bottom and a traditional style blowing nozzle at the top. The performance of the attached coils is excellent. They all work well near the top of the power range of the drag s and also provide adjustable air flow, so you can always get the type of drawing you need.


7 - uwer kalibun

Uwell Caliburn Pod System

The new price is $19.99.

Caliburn from uwell has been one of Juul's most outstanding competitors for some time. It has a similar pen form, but the battery life is longer and comes with refillable pods as standard. You can use Caliburn as an automatic drawing or button ignition device. Its working power is 11 W, which is very suitable for use with nicotine salt electronic cigarette liquid.

Pods can be refilled, and when you pick up the device, you will get two 2ml options. The battery has a capacity of 540 MAH, which is not as large as many options in this list, but Caliburn has the advantage of portability and caution, and can be charged in only 45 minutes. It works well with salt juice, but it is definitely more like a traditional pod system than many other options in this list.


8 - Smok Nord 4

Smok Nord 4 Salt Nicotine Mods

You can buy Nord 4 for $29.95.

The original smok Nord was an excellent device, but the Nord 4 increased battery capacity and added new features far beyond the original device. One of the main reasons for this smok pod system to get a place in the list is the variable wattage function, which is very common in traditional mod, but only found its own way on the pod system. You can set the wattage to a maximum of 80 W on Nord 4, and this output is supported by a high-capacity battery with a capacity of 2000 MAH. It also has a display screen, so you can easily view your settings, but it uses only one button to operate, and despite the increase in functions, it remains user-friendly. It has an RPM and a Nord pod, both of which can be refilled, and has a juice capacity of 4.5 ml. it also includes an RPM mesh coil and a Nord coil.


9 – Innokin Sceptre

Vape pod for nicotine salt

You can buy Scepter for $19.99.

Innokin's scepter is a flexible pod vaping system. If you are new to vaping, it is simple enough to use, but you still try to get some additional functions and large enough batteries to compete with the best Pod System suite there. The battery has a capacity of 1400 MAH, which is enough for a day with higher intensity nicotine salt juice, but you can spend a day even with ordinary juice. It is a rectangular pen device with a magnetic connection for the pod and a clever bottom coil mounting system.

Sceptre has two coils, a 0.5 ohm direct to lung mesh coil and a 1.2 ohm mouth to lung (MTL) one, with different settings to accommodate each coil. For 0.5 ohm coils, the standard is 18 W, and the "boost mode" is 20 W. for coils with higher resistance, you can choose 8 or 9.5 W. This is ideal for new e-cigarette users because it provides some guidance, but still gives you some control. Both coils have good performance, so if you use the grid for ordinary e-cigarettes and MTL for salt e-cigarette oil, you will be impressed by its function, especially in terms of price.


10 - vaporesso Renova zero

Electronic cigarette module

Vaporesso Renova zero sells for $16.95 and comes with a kit with two smoke bombs, a filling bottle and a USB cable.

Vaporesso's Renova zero provides a simple and user-friendly e-cigarette platform with a button interface, but it has many cool functions under the hood. It is a flat pebble shaped device with a 2ml smoke bomb and a bite combination connected to a 650 MAH battery. There is a zero mark in the middle of the battery and an ignition / set button at the bottom. At the heart of Renova zero is simplicity, with a press fill system that automatically closes when you remove the outlet without replacing the coil and the magnetic connection system for the pod, making it easier to refill without leakage than ever before.