Top 5 common vaping myths

Vaping is one of the most complicated topics, especially for smokers. People who are new to vaping search online to ask questions regarding health risks, costs and effectiveness of vaping products. But there are some myths regarding vaping that can lead to misinformation and can prevent smokers from switching to vaping. In this article, we ill going to discuss a few common myths:


Myth 1: Vaping devices use nicotine

We all know how cigarettes are harmful to us as people assume that nicotine is the reason behind this. Yes, nicotine is highly addictive which shows that it poses minimal risk to health. But the truth is thousands of chemicals in cigarettes cause the risk, especially in combustible tobacco. No such combination is present in vaping and its vapor does not contain things such as tar and carbon monoxide. But it does not mean it's entirely risk free it’s approx 90 per cent less harmful than smoking.

Myth 2: Vapor is harmful

Cigarette smoking is very much harmful as it damages the health of the smoker as well as people near them. This mostly happens in enclosed spaces for that reason the government has to ban smoking in bars, clubs and work place. The vapor emitted from vaping devices is more visible than the smoke from cigarettes. But one should keep in mind not to use the vaping device in a place where smoking is not acceptable.


Myth 3: Vaping doesn’t help in quitting smoking

Quitting smoking can be a very difficult task if you are smoking for a long time. There are many products available in the market to help in quitting smoking such as nicotine patches, gums, lozenges and sprays. Vaping is a new concept so people have doubts about whether it helps in quitting smoking or not. Most people think it may lead to an increase in smoking. There is no proven theory that vaping can help in quitting smoking but it is one of the best and most effective alternative.


Myth 4: Vaping is a gateway to smoking

Everyone knows smoking is extremely harmful to people's health. For this reason, people also fear that vaping is the gateway to cigarette smoking mostly among the younger generation. To prevent underage access to vaping products it's being ensured that it is only sold to adults and will never attempt to non smokers.


Myth 5: Vaping products aren’t regulated

When vaping first comes into people's awareness there are few regulations but with time everything has completely changed. Vaping products are now been regulated and monitored in all major markets. But in this case, manufacturers have to submit a wide range of documentation such as scientific analysis of products and their effect compared with tobacco.


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