Vape Pod System Explained in Fewer than 300 Characters

We talk all the time about how enjoyable vaping is, especially when compared to smoking cigarettes. Unfortunately, there are a few hurdles some ex-smokers face when getting into vaping that ultimately cause them to return to cigarettes: Cheap vape pens are inefficient, die easily, and don't deliver the nicotine that smokers need are used to, and many box mods are more complex and require more maintenance than they want to handle. Enter the pod system Vape, a middle ground between cigarettes and complex vape systems.


What is Vape Pod System

Pods are ultra-portable systems that allow you to start vaping without dealing too much with box mod maintenance. They're an evolution of E-cigarettes and pen-vapes but still offer that compact feel with much higher nicotine hits to satisfy your cravings. The main difference between traditional cartomizers and pod system vapes is that the pods come with replaceable cartridges that contain the coil, wick, and E-juice.

The Advantages of A Vape Pod System


  1. User-friendliness

Vape pod is easy to use, which is why beginners flock to them. Connecting a cartridge or loading a heating chamber is very easy, and most vape pods don't come with a full set of complicated features. If you want a quick and easy vaping experience, vape pods offer an enticing solution.


  1. Leakproof

A leaking tank is the bane of many vapers' existence. This happens when the cap comes off or e-juice leaks through an opening in the tank or mouthpiece. Pod systems are pre-built and use single-use cartridges, so you don't have to deal with juice refills or leaking tanks when you use them. Just carry a spare cartridge with you - which is a lot easier than an e-liquid bottle - and swap it out when you're ready.


The best 2 vape pod systems


Price $45.00


Product info:

Compatible pod:RELX Infinity Pod

Performance:Super Smooth 

Leak-Resistant:Leak-resistant Maze

Charging:Built-in Pogo pin                                        

Quick charge:Infinity Charging Case

Pod Design:Symmetrical Pods

Intelligent Function:Smart Pace Vibrate Alert

Batter Capacity:380mAh


The RELX Infinity fits into the lightweight pod category with an Aluminum Unibody construction.


It has been designed to be portable without feeling like you have a small rock in your pocket. A good start.


Right now the kit doesn't include a pod, so you'll have to add these to your order, not ideal.

VEEX V4 PAI vape device

Price  $32.00


Product info

Compatible pod:VEEX V4 Pod 、WUUZ S4 Pod、or other brand's pod

Performance:Super Smooth 

Leak-Resistant:Leak-resistant Maze

Charging:USB-C Charging


Pod Design:Symmetrical Pods

Batter Capacity:380mAh


Charge time:25min



The VEEX V4 features a modest 380mAh battery. This can be done via the modern USB-C. A full charge should take you approximately 25 minutes. It also boasts pass-through technology which means you can vape while it’s plugged in.


The VEEX V4 cartridge is made from BPA-free plastic. It comes with 2ml of pre-filled e-liquid and your choice of nicotine salt content. This ranges from 3% to 5%. The capacity of the cartridge is noticeably more than similar alternatives. They’re also conveniently symmetrical, which means you can insert them in, any way you like.


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