VEEX at IECF, discussing new trends in the electronic nebulization industry

What is the black technology behind the quality and taste of atomizers?
- Electronic atomization industry offline store customers are getting less and less, where did they go?
- How to enrich the product matrix, do a good job of customer management and fine operation?

On May 29, during the IECF Shenzhen International Electronic Cigarette Trade Fair, the theme activity of "Atomization Zero Distance, Technology New Model Young" held by VEEX Vickers attracted the attention of many visitors to the exhibition. For the above issues, VEEX invited a number of guests from the electronic atomization industry's core competitiveness, development trends, business strategies and other different dimensions to explain.

For electronic atomizer users, taste is the first element that affects the consumer experience, and the taste of the decision is precisely the heart of electronic atomization products - atomization core. As the heavy link of this event, VEEX in the recently released ceramic atomization technology brand NCODE has sparked the attention of many audience

VEEX's NCODE includes ceramic atomizer core, chip solution board and MCU (Micro Control Unit), which adopts a harmless formula. The ceramic matrix is made of high purity silicon oxide and other hexa-system harmless black ceramic, and the ceramic material does not contain harmful substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium and hexavalent chromium. In addition, the NCODE ceramic atomizer core has a larger heating area, faster start-up speed, and higher reduction of oil analysis; the ceramic has a higher porosity, and the honeycomb intertwined microporous oil lock, which can better solve the oil leakage problem and also bring better taste consistency to users. 

VEEX product leader Yang said, NCODE contains the meaning of new code, which means the re-deconstruction of the product, and the next product is always a better work. At present, the new generation of ceramic core is under intense research and development. In the future, VEEX will continue to generate new, unique and highly recognizable product language through technological innovation, and drive brand development with products.

Reasons for distributors to choose VEEX

For many electronic fogging store owners, business situation of this year does not seem to be as easy as in previous years. Negative public opinion, the industry market fluctuations at the moment, how to choose an excellent brand, how to try to improve the viability of the store, has become the most concerned about the topic of many people.

In this regard, VEEX Guangdong Province generation Huang Guofeng gave his answer. He believes that to choose a good electronic fogging brand, must meet four conditions: healthy and sufficient funds, with wind resistance; supply chain system is perfect, strong control of key materials; factory end is fully qualified, not afraid of stricter production norms; high market share share share, mass recognition, to meet demand.

After examining many brands, Huang Guofeng chose VEEX because: VEEX received investment from famous angel investors and has sufficient funds; VEEX has a strong supply chain with long-term strategic reserves of key materials ,such as chips, vape oil and PCTG; VEEX has built its own production base of 25,000 square meters, which meets various national production norms; VEEX has a large user base, a high market share and a broad consumer outlook.

With the above four advantages, VEEX to ensure the stability of the source of supply, product safety and innovation, a variety of products also won the favor of consumers, to create a number of explosive products. This experience of Huang Guofeng, won the approval of many visitors to the exhibition.

Brand matrix: star products have been unveiled

During the theme of "atomization zero distance, technology new mode young", the three major brands of VEE Technology - VEEX , WUUZ, XIYO have brought their main products, whether it is the sense of technology, product appearance, functional characteristics, have left a deep impression on the audience.

Among them, VEEX introduced the first new product for the audience - V2 atomizer rod. 500mAh large battery, easy life, four colors of the new style, outstanding value, light and stylish material, delicate feel, perfect interpretation of the "value and texture coexist The new style in four colors, with great value, light and shapely material, delicate feel, perfect interpretation of "value and texture at the same time.

WUUZ is committed to let users "taste the world's good taste", the scene showed its recent sales of the star product - S1 surprise blind box series. WUUZ can be paired with a superb range of flavored atomizer cartridges, allowing users to taste a purer, newer flavor.

XIYO is a youth-oriented electronic atomizer brand with a wide range of flavors and cooler colors. The concept of XIYO is "fun never ends". The XIYO X4 shared on site is a product widely praised by consumers and store owners, its biggest feature is a double core, you can experience the ceramic core cotton soft and delicate and stable taste, but also can switch to the cotton core, feel the stimulation of the cotton core, and a rich and full sense of flavor restoration.

In addition, the three major brands of VEEX Technology also announced their respective preferential policies for investment and joining. Through the good product display, experience sharing of guests, plus the preferential policy of investment joining, many visitors were attracted to the relevant booth of VEEX to experience the products and understand more detailed cooperation information.