VEEX or YOOZ, which is better for you?

Originally, we are all strangers, but through the Internet we got in touch, if you want to leave a message interaction, I believe we can become friends. My name is Anna and I am an apprentice in a bakery. My dream is to own my own bakery. I grew up eating my mother's bread, but after my parents divorced, I rarely felt that taste any more. Just between you and me, I'm still a smoker. In order to achieve my dream, I started to quit smoking. I didn't allow any bad taste in the food I cooked. However, we all know that this process is painful, so I chose e-cigarettes, which are popular in recent years, to overdo it. There may still be some harmful substances in e-cigarettes, but they are much lower than in traditional tobacco. I don't have many friends. The divorce of my parents has a certain influence on my personality. I prefer to listen to songs, smoke cigarettes and drink a little wine alone. Time alone gives me security. It gives me peace. I am also a very special person, the products that sell more I don't want to try, I rather like the niche products, after tried many electronic cigarettes. I am deeply impressed by YOOZ and VEEX, both of which are Chinese e-cigarette brands. Their products are quite good and their prices are also suitable. After all, I am just an apprentice now and my income is relatively low. I will share my experience of using these two brands and the comparison of these two products in detail, hoping to be of some help to you.


YOOZ surprised me when I first started shopping for e-cigarettes, even though its price was not much lower than other brands. I chose the YOOZ ZERO 2 device, which costs $39.99 and is not too different from its peers. At $5.99, the YOOZ Pod is slightly more expensive than its competitors. I choose pink, my favorite color. Among the flavors of YOOZ, I prefer lemon and watermelon. The former is slightly sour, and the latter is sweet, which is more in line with my taste. However, YOOZ equipment occasionally had oil leakage, and I even changed a new smoke rod with the shop owner because of this. After using YOOZ pod for a long time, the taste of YOOZ pod became very weak. These small problems have always bothered me, so I have been looking for a better product.


About a few months ago, I found VEEX vape in a convenience store. After going through the basic specs, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the VEEX V2 pod works on YOOZ devices, and that VEEX's latest product, the VEEX V4, is even better. After using it for a while, I ditched the YOOZ vape device and VEEX V2 pod in favor of the VEEX V4. The main reasons are as follows: first of all, the V4 device has a better handle in terms of length; Second, the V4 can support fast charging, basically about 20 minutes can be fully charged; Finally, V4 Pod comes in a variety of surprising flavors, such as Chinese tea, lemon, grape, ice cream and more. VEEX pod is a transparent design, which is really different, as consumers, we can at least see what kind of substances we use, which deserves special praise. VEEX vape also has a high volume of smoke, which can make e-cigarette novices more satisfied. So that's my summary of VEEX vape. Next, I will make a more detailed comparison from the data level.


Since these two products are personally used, so this article is easier to write. Because of different product models, different consumers have different preferences. Today's comparison is for reference only, welcome to leave a message interaction. Due to product updates and upgrades, some information may be different, please compare yourself.

Price – VEEX vs YOOZ

VEEX V4 device: $33.99

YOOZ ZERO 2 device: $39.99

As can be seen from the price, YOOZ ZERO 2 device is 20 percent more expensive than VEEX V4 device, and price is important for new users.

Flavors – VEEX vs YOOZ

VEEX V4: 27 flavors, 15 for Ceramic Coil Pod, 7 for Cotton Coil Pod, 4 for 0 Nicotine Pod

YOOZ ZERO 2: 22 flavors

The VEEX has more flavors than the YOOZ, and the VEEX pod has a more diverse choice of nicotine content to cater to different consumers. Ceramic Coil Pod is extreme, cool enough. Cotton Coil Pod taste is softer, taste reduction degree is high. 0 Nicotine Pod can let more people dare to try vapes, don’t worry about nicotine addiction.

Pods – VEEX vs YOOZ

VEEX V4: $14.99/1 pack (3 pods), 2mL/pod, 3%/0 nicotine

YOOZ ZERO 2: $10.99/1 pack (2 pods), 2mL/pod, 5%/3% nicotine

Overall, VEEX pods work out to be cheaper per pod -- about $0.50 off each -- and VEEX often offers discounts on purchases. In addition, 5% nicotine is unaccustomed and unhealthy for most e-cigarette users.

Battery - VEEX vs YOOZ

VEEX V4: 380mAh

YOOZ ZERO 2: 350mAh

YOOZ ZERO 2 battery life is slightly longer than VEEX V4 according to the specification.

Charging convenience – VEEX vs YOOZ

VEEX V4: VEEX devices use an ordinary Type C cable to charge and supports fast charging, taking just 20 minutes to fully charge without worrying about continuous use.

YOOZ ZERO 2: YOOZ devices also use an ordinary Type C cable to charge, but taking 40-55 minutes to fully charge.


In terms of basic configuration, the difference between the two is not that great, with the VEEX device performing slightly better in terms of battery and charging, and the YOOZ device having more serious leakage (based on the focused feedback from users). Product price and quality are the core competitiveness. VEEX V4 pod has more flavors and offers higher quality at a better price.

VEEX V5 vape pod

At last

Although I am a smoker, I am currently trying to quit smoking for my dream, my bakery. My views have always been clear. First, minors should not smoke, and advertisements for e-cigarettes should not induce them to buy products. Secondly, my evaluation only depends on my product experience and relevant brand information, and everyone has their own opinions on which product is better. Finally, I hope the e-cigarette industry can further develop and expand, and make the world a better place with more excellent and harmless products.