VEEX starts from the "coil", NCODE ceramic coil technology

In the e-cigarette industry, where product differentiation is insufficient, taste is becoming a key factor in determining the success or failure of e-cigarette brands. However, taste is a comprehensive sensory experience, taste, vapor, suction resistance, temperature, and even sound, all of which will bring users a very different taste experience. As the coil component of vape products, the quality of the vape pod coil directly determines the taste.

TAKI-VEEX uses a new generation of inlaid mesh microporous ceramic vape pod coil. Compared with the traditional ceramic vape pod coil, the new ceramic vape pod coil uses high purity silica and other six elements of the harmless black ceramic formula, safe and efficient; heating area is larger, faster start-up speed, higher reduction of oil analysis; ceramic porosity is higher, honeycomb interwoven microporous oil lock, not only to better solve the problem of e-liquid leakage, but also to bring users better taste consistency.

"TAKI-VEEX new generation of inlaid mesh microporous ceramic vape pod coil", using a high purity silica and other six element system harmless black ceramic formula, all-round enhance the use of electronic atomizer experience. In addition, the ceramic vape pod coil also constant temperature composite sintering technology, compressive strength > 200N, which also means that its resistance to falling ability to improve.

TAKI-VEEX mainly uses the black ceramic formula in the manufacturing process of 16 layers of process to create. Compared to ordinary products, the ceramic vaping is more explosive and has more smoke volume. It is worth noting that the porosity and absorption rate of the product is also significantly higher compared to the regular product. Thanks to the latest technology, the new product also has a significant improvement in terms of oil storage capacity, and the flavor persistence is also better than similar products.

The honeycomb interweave transformation of the ceramic atomizer core also makes the oil locking effect greatly improved, and the oil analysis restoration is increased by 20%, making the atomizer bullet more consistent in taste throughout its life cycle. From the formula to taste improvement, after repeated trials and reforms, TAKI-VEEX presents a ceramic refinement journey for users. TAKI-VEEX is committed to bringing a good product experience to every user who needs it.

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