VEEX V1 classic vape, "small vape stick, big vapor" classic eternal

Under the premise of ensuring the use of health and environmental health, VEEX electronic cigarette into the beginning of the establishment in 2014, began to study how to make the electronic cigarette "taste more pure", "vapor more". After a lot of experiments and technical hard work, VEEX self-developed chip technology to maximize the consumer experience in the use of electronic cigarettes, the real realization of the "small vape stick, big vapor".
VEEX V1 classic model has the characteristics of "small vape stick, big vapor", VEEX V1 series body using the diamond cutting process, intelligent chip design makes VEEX V1 series in the vaping process to ensure that the amount of vapor in each mouth balanced, consumers can comfortably experience the taste of a big vape. Thanks to the unique understanding of science and technology, VEEX adopts the airflow design in the design of the smoke cartridge to set up five layers of e-liquid leakage prevention measures, refusing to paste the core, allowing consumers to experience the real taste enjoyment.

What are the advantages and features of VEEX compared to other brands? The answer is: consumer experience. Over the years, VEEX has continued to make efforts in product innovation around "relief of addiction, convenience, price and taste", and has maintained a strong atomization effect to maximize the portability of the "small vape stick", making the taste more delicate and full. In terms of consumer health needs, VEEX has added the "nicotine intake vibration reminder" function to the product, within 5 minutes of continuous smoking 10 puffs, the body vibration reminder, so that consumers can reasonably control the amount of nicotine intake.
In addition to the powerful vapor feature of "small vape device, big vape vapor", VEEX has many technical uniquenesses to maintain the high performance of the product. VEEX has developed each component exclusively around the features of "oil leak-proof, crack-proof, and highly transparent vape vapor"; the "transparent vape vapor, visible to the public" design, which was developed by 16 professional researchers in 180 days; high temperature resistance, oil leak-proof, crack-proof, high safety, and UV protection. Food-grade Tritan™ oil cups with multiple features such as high-temperature sterilization, good sealing, and multi-layer design of silicone leak-proof layer ...... are integrated to ensure the quality and safety of VEEX e-cigarettes.
Many brands have oil leakage. Food grade TRITAN new material (PCTG upgrade material), has better adhesion, transparency, chemical resistance and stress whitening ability. 15 to 20 times tougher than general PP material, TRITAN new material than ordinary PCTG is more resistant to high temperature, does not contain bisphenol A, play a good oil leakage, anti-cracking effect, high security, and its good anti-UV characteristics, play a light-transmitting anti-deterioration Protective effect