Veex V4 vs Yooz Uni series,which is better?

The latest products often show the creativity and attractiveness of a brand. In this following article, we compare the latest vape devices of Veex and Yooz—Veex V4 vs Yooz Uni series, which is better? To find the answer to the question, we compare these two devices in several aspects including price, look, pods, flavors, battery life, charging, manufacturer, and company background. Through analysis, we draw a conclusion—Veex V4 is as good as Yooz Uni series, but the former is more competitive and attractive to consumers.

PriceVeex V4 VS Yooz Uni series

Veex V4:$29.99

Yooz Uni:$40

Yooz Uni Pro:$50

It is easy to find, that Yooz Uni series is more expensive than Veex V4, the price of Veex V4 is 75% of Yooz Uni and 60% of Yooz Uni Pro. In addition, we also notice that the price of Veex V4 is roughly the same as other series of Veex, while the price of Yooz Uni series is much higher than other products of Yooz. Currently, Uni series is the most expensive device of Yooz. The high price shows that Yooz Uni series's target consumers are business people who can afford the price, in other words,its target consumer range is narrowed. On the contrary, the price of Veex V4 is normal in vape industry, so consumers have easier access to products. If you are a veteran, you can choose Yooz Uni series, if you are a novice or have a limited budget, then Veex V4 is more suitable.

LookVeex V4 vs Yooz Uni series

Veex V4: 8 colors(Emerald Cyan, Gilt Black, Berry Pink, Matcha Green, Blossom Violet, Rose White, Gem Blue, Galaxy Grey)

Yooz Uni series: white,black and gray classic color

In terms of appearance, Veex V4 provides consumers with more choices, which not only has regular colors, but also some lively designs suitable for young people, while Yooz Uni series only have three classic colors and mainly serves business people—its target consumers.

As for the shape, these two products are similar and classic. However, there are some slight differences between them, consumers can make choices based on their preferences.

PodsVeex V4 vs Yooz Uni series

Veex V4: compatible pods—VEEX V4 Pod/VEEX V5 Pod/ TAKI R5 Pod/ other brand's pod

Veex V4 pai ceramic coil pod, 3/pack, 2ml/pod, 3% nicotine, $19.99

Veex V4 pai cotton coil pod,3/pack, 2ml/pod, 3% nicotine, $14.99

Veex V5 cotton coil pod, 3/pack, 2ml/pod, 3% nicotine, $18.99

Veex V5 ceramic coil pod, 3/pack, 2ml/pod, 3% nicotine, $17.99

Taki T5 ceromic coil pod, 1/box 2ml/pod, 3% nicotine, $11.99

Taki R5 transparent open pod, 3/box 2ml E-Juice capacity, $9.99

Yooz Uni series: matched pods—2/pack, 2.1ml/pod, 3.5% nicotine, $11.99

The biggest difference between Veex V4 and Yooz Uni series is the former has compatible pods,which means consumers can freely replace pods according to their own needs. They can even choose other brand’s pods. But if you use Yooz Uni series, you must buy its matched pods. For consumers, they have fewer choices.

As for the price of pods, the price of each pod of the two brands is basically the same, but the capacity of Yooz Uni series is 5% bigger than Veex V4. Besides, their nicotine content is different, Veex V4—3%,Yooz Uni series—3.5%, consumers can make choices according to their own habits.

FlavorsVeex V4 vs Yooz Uni series

Veex V4:Veex V4 pai ceramic coil pod—16 flavors

Veex V4 pai cotton coil pod—7 flavors

Veex V5 cotton coil pod—13 flavors

Veex V5 ceramic coil pod—11 flavors

Taki T5 ceromic coil pod—5 flavors

Taki R5 bottled E-liquid—6 flavors

Taki 0% Nicotine E-liquid—5 flavors


Yooz Uni series: 9 types of flavors(Tropical Pineapple, Exotic Honeydew, Longjing Tea, Lemon Tea, Wine Sarbet, Grapefruit, Soul Menthol, Red OX, Baby Pudding)

Obviously, there is a huge gap between Veex V4 and Yooz Uni series in terms of flavors. Yooz Uni series only has 9 types of flavors, while Veex V4 has at least dozens of flavors. With the help of compatible pods, Veex V4 can provide consumers with abundant flavors, which contains flavors similar to Yooz Uni series’s nine types of flavors.

We can draw a conclusion—Consumers can enjoy more types of flavors if they choose Veex V4.

Battery lifeVeex V4 vs Yooz Uni series

Veex V4: 380mAh

Yooz Uni(Pro): 450mAh(500mAh)

Yooz Uni series’s battery life is longer than Veex V4’s, which is more convenient for consumers.

Charging—Veex V4 vs Yooz Uni series

Veex V4: Use an ordinary Type-C cable to charge, fast charging, 20 minutes for a full charge.

Yooz Uni series: Use brand new Type-C charging port and cool contact charging function, 30 minutes for a full charge. Yooz Uni Pro is available with charging box or case.

Veex V4’s battery life is smaller than Yooz Uni series, so its charging time is shorter. For Yooz Uni Pro users, they can use mobile charging boxes to charge device, which is more convenient for business man and travelers.

MaunfacturerVeex V4 vs Yooz Uni series

Veex V4: Veex self-owned factory

Yooz Uni series: OEM factory

Veex has self-owned factory and the equipment and technology of the factory are at the top level in the vape industry. Veex’s international production base - Dongguan, China, has 30,000 square feet of 100,000 class dust-free R & D production base and is fully upgraded to a fully automated production line in 2021. And Veex makes all its products in own factory, which means Veex can guarantee the consistency of product quality and the integrity of the supply chain.

On the contrary, Yooz makes its products in different OEM factories, which can make a difference in product quality. Besides, the stability of the Yooz's supply chain is also affected by the relationship between the partners.In September 2021, Yooz had a dispute with its supplier, Yootech, over payments.

In a word, Veex’s supply chain is more stable and independent than Yooz's.

Company backgroundVeex vs Yooz

Veex: Founded in 2014, VEEX Technology is an atomizer global consumer brand company, with "VEEX Technology, Geek Creation" as the technology-driven, product innovation-oriented, to provide geeky products and services for global atomizer consumers.There are operation centers in Auckland, New Zealand and London, UK; warehousing centers in the United States, Italy, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia, and more than 1,000 brand stores have been set up worldwide, with products exported to more than 40 countries.

Yooz: Founded in December 2018, YOOZ belongs to Beijing Qiwu Technology Co., LTD. YOOZ has launched ballistic e-cigarettes, disposable e-cigarettes, multi-flavor cigarette pods and other core products, and is committed to creating a better lifestyle for smokers around the world through technology. The company has highly independent intellectual property rights in the research and development, production and sales of electronic vaporizers and nicotine salt products. Since its release in January 2019, YOOZ e-cigarettes have rapidly become a first-tier brand in the industry.

Both brands have strong research and development capabilities and production capacity, and they are trying to develop the international market and improve their influence in the international vape industry.


After analysis, we come to a conclusion that the product quality of the two devices is acceptable, but Veex V4 has a wider range of customers, which makes it easy for novices to contact, and its biggest advantage is a wide selection of flavors. Yooz Uni series, on the other hand, has a higher barrier to entry and a smaller target audience, making it not suitable for beginners but friendly to business people and veterans.

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