VEEX V5 VS RELX infinity, which pod system is better?

How about the latest pod systems from VEEX and RELX? Which one is better?

We all know that a good cartridge and the e-liquid inside it will most likely be the key for vape consumers to prefer it. And in this article we have selected two pod systems from two mainstream e-cigarette companies in the vape market in China for review and comparison, VEEX V5 and RELX Infinity. The reason why we’ve chosen these two brands of products is that they have many aspects in common: Both of them are the latest products in their respective vape pod system line. Every puff of these vape pod systems is made by innovative ceramic or traditional cotton heating medium to complete the atomizing process of the e-liquid. Besides, both of them are very popular in China now. The starting line of these four products is basically the same. We would like to through this article from the appearance, manufacturing, tobacco oil, flavors and price to make specific comparisons and distinctions between these two pod systems, in order to provide so many vape consumers purchase advice.


1. Appearance  

There is no surprise that the first thing we look at is the appearance of a product. Although vape kits are not as common as cell phones, some of the unboxing experience and product design is still well important.

Both items are flat drip tip and delicate designed. But it can be ignored that compared to the black RELX Infinity cartridge the VEEX pod is completely transparent  The performance from VEEX is a real surprise! So compared with RELX Infinity black pods, the VEEX vape users can clearly observe the amount of e-liquid left and whether there is any sediment or not.

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2. Manufacture

The heating medium in the vape devices is responsible for the full atomization of e-liquids, which affects the atomizing efficiency and the atomization taste of pod system. It is undoubtedly the core component of vapes. However, the effect that can be achieved by different materials of electronic vaporization wick is different. At present, ceramic and cotton are widely used. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. The longer history of the cotton wick will have a higher degree of restoration of various flavors than the ceramic wick, and is relatively cheaper, while the emerging ceramic wick has lower requirements for environmental and climate changes and is more stable during the heating process. Interestingly, although they  use ceramic coil, the heating technology of RELX Infinity originated from a company called Smoore, which was founded in Shenzhen in 2004 and developed mature heating schemes including cotton and ceramic coil. Meanwhile, VEEX has not only ceramic wicks, but also cotton wicks, and it has its self-owned technology developing center and factories. It insists on product innovation with the driven “VEEX Technology, Geek Creation”. Thanks to ceramic coil as the heating medium, it is possible to control pressure intelligently, which increases the atomizing stability. Anyway, since their manufacturers are both based in China and close to the supply chain, they are able to control the supply chain and product quality closely at a low cost. What’s more, fully 3 regular pods of VEEX V5 and RELX Infinity are satisfactory. However, they are a little different in terms of the e-liquid capacity. The capacity of the pods of RELX Infinity is less than two milliliters, only 1.9, which makes the products a little less competitive than VEEX V5 equipped with common 2 milliliters e-liquid capacity. Surprisingly, besides VEEX its own devices, such as VEEX V4 device and  WUUZ S4 device, it also can be assembled with RELX devices. Guess, which RELX devices are compatible with VEEX V5? Exactly RELX Infinity! That means consumers can match more flavors with cheaper sticks. Moreover, both products have a great vaping feel when used, very similar to smoking a traditional cigarette. By the way,both of two pod systems are not in the state of e-liquid leakage because of 5 layers of leakage prevention. That is really a great relief for the vapers. 


3. Flavors

What about the flavors? Considering the same nicotine content and purity in the e-liquid, both e-cigarette products in this review perform quite well. But we must to say, VEEX is the winner this time. Since it is not only compatible with devices VEEX own have, but also the cartridge of the another product. RELX tastes smooth and pure on the palate. Its flavor of tobacco is as usual high. Unfortunately, it has only five flavors, one tobacco flavor and four fruity flavors. By the contrast, VEEX V5 has totally 21 flavors including ceramic and cotton coil. In addition to traditional fruity flavors, VEEX also delivers Chinese characteristic beverage flavors like Green tea, Biluochun tea, Oolong peach and Oriental beauty tea, not to mention that there is also tobacco flavor suitable for those, who want to slowly quit smoking through vapes to reduce damages caused by smoking but also enjoy a truly satisfying vaping session. Thankfully, the nicotine level in the e-liquid of VEEX and RELX is 3% for normal. That’s a satisfaction for vaping enthusiasts.

4. Price

After all this, we finally have a chance to talk about price. Above of all, RELX Infinity is the most expensive, each cartridge pack costs average over 114 US dollars, and plus RELX Infinity device is over 400 dollars. On the contrary, whether it is ceramic core atomized or cotton core atomized pod, whether discounted or not, the price is always below 20 US dollars. If the atomizer device is added to the shopping cart, it is only about 50 dollars. The difference is obvious, right?

5. Verdict

In short, if you are a businessman with a high frequency of e-cigarette use, RELX supportive of wireless charging may be a good alternative for you. If you demand for diverse flavors and firmly enjoy smoking traditional cigarettes and are obsessed with the sensation of nicotine throat hit feelings, VEEX V5 can be a recommended choice because of its multiplicity and cotton heating medium.