VEEX vape new disposable puffs bar - Small magic box T50

VEEX has recently changed its business simple style and launched a new disposable product with neon characteristics and large capacity -Taki T50 series of small magic box. This collection of technology punk elements plus high-performance disposable puff bar electronic cigarette  immediately caught the eye of the editor.

TAKI T50 puff bar small magic box is different from the most popular simple business-type small stick buff bar vape  on the market, the appearance of TAKI T50 looks more like a cool blind box shape. Tide cool blind box shape, avant-garde fashion transparent shell, there are several different colorful with the interior is a samurai shape, catering to the tide of many teenagers in the cool electronic cigarette hobby. Hold it in your hand, whether it's a party or a trip, TAKI T50 is sure to have an excellent focus performance. A second to create a personalized label, VEEX always hit everyone's aesthetic pain points with precision

But an excellent e-cigarette product, just have excellent appearance is not enough, T50 small magic box as a disposable electronic cigarette, how does it perform in terms of performance?

From the sense of use, TAKI T50 small magic box capacity is great, most of the puff bar electronic cigarette products on the market is around 5ml, and TAKI T50 built-in 10ml capacity, support 8000 puffs of use times, can be counted as a disposable industry leader, durable increased capacity is the first ace bomb TAKI T50 hit. As a user, the use of disposable bar puff e-cigarettes is for the convenience and durability, and most disposable is not good performance, TAKI T50 large capacity is a perfect solution to the current market performance of puff bar disposable vape.

Secondly,TAKI T50 small magic box in the small built-in structure set the independent adjustment of the air inlet button, the main advertising slogan of the small magic box is "small magic box, light lung suction", both can be adjusted according to their own preferences for their own air intake, which is a breakthrough for puff bar disposable products, to know that many bar puff disposable e-cigarettes on the market are basically only the basic functions of electronic cigarettes, this time VEEX for the TAKI T50 improvement The improvement and optimization of the T50 can be seen to have done a lot of homework to upgrade the user experience.

T50 small magic box built-in network core is also the current leading technology MESH network core, MESH network core has a very good atomization liquid analysis ability, with a perfect full atomization effect, with MESH network core atomization out of the gas reduction ability is very high, atomization smoke, atomization effect is always the same. But MESH cores due to its high cost compared to other cores, so generally rarely used in disposable products, can be seen in the design of the T50 product Vickers put product performance in the first place, is a sincere work.

Finally, I believe that the T50 folded product full of sincerity and creativity will get the enthusiastic feedback it deserves in the market. Whether from the excellent tide cool appearance or unconventional internal structure design, it is a one-time product that I can reach 99 points.