What Are The Specifications Of Wuuz-S12?

WUUZ S12 was created to be a healthier alternative to smoking. The device is really basic and straightforward to use. You will receive a rechargeable WUUZ battery as well as a charging cord with your purchase. To activate, simply insert your WUUZ pod (pod not included) into the gadget and breathe in through the mouthpiece. It's that simple.

A pod is not included in the WUUZ S12 kit. Wholesale E-Cigarette WUUZ S1 Flashing Rechargeable Disposable Vape 2.2ml 3 percent Nicotine Disposable Electronic Cigarette WUUZ Vape 2.2ml 3 percent Nicotine Disposable Electronic Cigarette WUUZ Vape 2.2ml 3 percent Nicotine Disposable Electronic Cigarette WUUZ Vape 2.2ml 3 percent Nicotine Dis

WUUZ is an e-cigarette company that focuses on research and development to generate nice tastes for its e-liquid; WUUZ-S12 is also known by its English name "WUUZ" to ensure that customers are satisfied with the flavors of its e-liquid.

WUUZ-S12 considers safety to be the most important aspect of e-liquid quality, while flavor development is regarded as the lifeblood of e-liquids. To restore the original taste and improve the user experience, WUUZ S12 has insisted on importing raw ingredients and plant extraction. WUUZ S12 can be described as a pleasant surprise when it comes to different flavors.

WUUZ's first bright series, the S1, was born under tight quality supervision. It ensures the precise knowledge of the market and user needs from internal testing to launch. On-off/mode switch button, atomization device, charging port, airway mark, large air inlet, tiny air inlet, and indicator light are all included in the WUUZ, S12 Pod mod.

The WUUZ S12 is a pre-filled, transparent vape pod that is tiny, pocket-friendly, and easier to transport. The WUUZ S12 is powered by a 1200mAh integrated battery and a 3.7ml pre-filled pod with excellent e-liquid and will keep you going for longer with many puffs. There's a vibrant light on the bottom, which is very appealing. The hit is simple and does not overpower.

WUUZ, S12 is a larger and more durable improvement to the original WUUZ series. This exploded onto the market, bringing with it a reputation for delivering excellent flavor. This device is designed for novices who wish to jump to a vape that doesn't require refilling or charging. If you're a beginner who wants to quit smoking or an experienced user who wants to enjoy more puffs, the WUUZ S12 pod mod is the right Vape to complement your options. It's ideal for individuals who want to expand their vaping horizons.

WUUZ-S12 KIT Specifications:

  • WUUZ S12 series kit is the name of the product.
  • Atomization device *1, Mesh core pod *2, USB line *1, manual *1 are included in the package.
  • 800mAh battery capacity
  • 1200mA charge current
  • Tank 3.7ml capacity
  • The nicotine content is 2%.
  • The main constituents are vegetable glycerine, medicinal propylene glycol, herbal extract, natural scent, and nicotine.


  • Embolic Juice
  • Monaco Pomelo
  • Irish Coffee
  • Jungle Carnival
  • Strawberry
  • Blue Berry
  • Grapes
  • Spring Tea
  • The Antarctic ice


This vapes pods brand offers a variety of vaping options, such as VEEX, WUUZ, XIY, TAKI, and others. These are perfectly reasonable and offer exactly the appropriate amount of nicotine to your throat.



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