What E Cig Should I Buy?

What E Cig Should I Buy?

The first thing that needs to be decided if you are new to vaping:

  • What size e cigarette do you want?
  • What e cig size is best for your needs? ie: Are you a heavy smoker? If so a kit with a larger battery may be needed) Do you want portability? Do you want a discreet vape?
  • Are you a mouth to lung or Direct to Lung (Sub Ohm) vaper? – Important to know this before deciding anything. In short most new vapers making the switch from smoking will be mouth to lung (MTL) vapers as this is how the majority smoke a cigarette.

The Four Main E Cig Product Categories:

Mini e cigarettes: (Also referred to as a ‘cig-a-like’)

These can range in sizes but are the smallest and most familiar (to smokes) e cigarettes available. Some are the same size as a cigarette and certain e cig brands have a variety of sizes, the bigger ones having a larger battery capacity.

All tend to have the appearance of a cigarette. These can be good e cigs for beginners to help the transition to e cigarettes. They offer a mouth to lung vaping experience, similar to the way most smoker. There are downsides to them however.

Pod Mods

The latest craze in the e cig category and one that has been picking up steam since 2018/2019.

These are designed to take the mess out of vaping and provide a plug and play experience.

Take a look at our full ‘Best Pod Mod Vape‘ post for an in depth look at our top choices.

Vape Pens / Stick Style E Cigs

These are of course bigger but provide longer battery life. Great for new vapers or the next step for those currently using cig-a-likes.

Most offer a mouth to lung (MTL) vape but there are increasing number of sub ohm (Direct to Lung) kits coming to market should you wish to experiment.

Take a look at our ‘Best Vape Pens‘ list for a more in depth look at this category.

Box | Vape Mods

These would generally be used as a step up from vape pens but we have seen such an increase in popularity for these that many new vapers are opting to go for these from the outset.

There is a slight learning curve but they are super simple to use, if you are willing to take 10 minutes to learn then they are a superb choice.

The majority of these kits are best used with sub ohm tank (Direct to Lung) but Mouth to Lung (MTL) tanks can also be used, there are also benefits to using the latter.

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