What Is A Pod Vape?

A pod vape, which is sometimes referred to as a pod device, is a type of electronic cigarette that works with vape pods. A pod vape consists of a battery, which attaches to a vape pod containing e-liquid. Together, the two form a pod system.

Pod vapes set themselves apart from most other types of e-cigarettes through their use of nicotine salts. While high-powered, sub-ohm vapes are designed to work with e-liquids that contain freebase nicotine, pod vapes are designed to work with vape juices that contain nic salts. The big benefit here is two-fold. First, the nic salts are smoother, which makes the throat hit that much more pleasant. Second, they boost your nicotine absorption rate. As a result, pod vapes are great for former cigarette smokers who are making the switch.

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Pod Vape Pros vs Cons

In comparison to traditional vaping devices, here are a few pod system pros:
Compact --- Pod systems are much more compact than vape mods, making them a more suitable option for vapers who don't want to consume much pocket space with their vaping device but still want ample vapour production.
Simple --- Pods are extremely easy to use thanks to their relatively simple designs. Many pod systems lack buttons, similar to most cig-a-likes, and instead make use of sensors that detect usage and produce vapour automatically.
Affordable --- Pod systems do vary in price, however, they are relatively affordable. For vapers on a budget, this is definitely a good thing.
Nic Salts --- Pod vapes work with nicotine salt e-liquids, which is something that many vapes don't do as only pod-style and low-wattage devices are designed to work with nic salt vape juice. This means superior absorption and improved throat hit for pod system users.

There are a few cons to consider, though:

Batteries --- Because the pod systems are a lot smaller than the batteries of box mods and other high-powered devices, their batteries are, too. If you're a heavy vaper that's looking for a piece of hardware that can be used all day without needing a recharge, a pod system might not be the right choice for you.
Clouds --- If you’re somebody that likes to produce thick vape clouds, the pod system, again, isn’t the ideal choice; vapour production is good, but it isn’t enough to create thick plumes of vapour like you might expect from a cloud chasing mod.
Nicotine --- Pods work better with higher nicotine level e-liquids. This isn’t ideal if you’re wanting to use low-nicotine or nicotine-free e-liquids, though. Some pods will work fine with these, but they are typically more expensive.