What is best vape pen?

Create art works with scientific and technological strength


In 2019, VEEX launched V1 Vape pen, which has a high-end appearance, delicate and soft taste, smooth and strong, and colorful color combination, which has won fans' love.

V1 as the first product of VEEX, the r&d team strictly controlled each of the tobacco oil parameters, such as flavor raw material comparison, oil storage capacity, air intake, suction resistance, induction switch trigger value, etc., with a total of more than 1000 times of product taste test and hundreds of times of parameter adjustment. In order to prevent the leakage of smoke oil and condensate, dozens of schemes were designed, and finally five layers of oil leakage prevention measures were adopted. In order to ensure that every mouthful is safe and visible, food grade materials consistent with the grade of baby bottles were adopted.


VEEX exclusive development of every parts, independent research and development of constant voltage technology smart chip in the condition of constant pressure to work, can stable power output, the nano ceramic atomization core always stay in the best spray pattern, smoke taste stable at the same time, and making a big smoke taste.


V1 series has high recognition in the consumer .


In 2020, VEEX launched a new series of VEEX V4 after 12 rounds of concept brainstorming and systematic testing across 13 dimensions, based on changing market needs.


V4 into the latest RESEARCH and development results of VEEX, with high explosion powerful performance, bring stronger smoke manufacturing capacity, more powerful and lasting smoke experience.


V4 through the intelligent chip to achieve the smoking timeout protection, can record the user smoking habits, automatically remind the user to smoke the number, so as to make a better assessment of their use.


In terms of appearance, the team actively explores design aesthetics. The fuselage adopts aviation aluminum and unique six-color overflow cloud lamp, which achieves exquisite, elegant and decent vision and touch.


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