What is the difference between Relx 4th and 5th?

Many vapers don't understand the difference between relx 4th and 5th?

Now let's take a detailed look at their respective advantages, disadvantages and differences.


The fourth generation - RELX Infinite

RELX Infinity is made more like an enhanced version of the Classic (RELX Infinity vs RELX Classic), it's cost-effective, and of course there are many brighter improvements! Infinity is also one of RELX's best-selling products.


Frosted rounded appearance, small and attractive. Winner of the 2020 Red Dot Award. Cost-effective classic, super long labyrinth airway, super leak-proof and anti-condensation. The taste is more comfortable and richer, better than the previous generation, 15 times of puff vibration reminder; Type-c charging port; battery reminder, the pod can be puffed forward and backward, the highlight is the accessories Infinity charging box 1000mAh and 1500mAh. It's like a storage box plus power bank, it can be charged 3-4 times, a good partner when you go out.



Body paint is thin, prone to wear and paint, is in short supply, Infinity pods are often out of stock and have fewer flavors


The fifth generation - RELX Phantom

RELX Phantom still uses RELX's labyrinth air passage, 11-layer labyrinth structure, blocking condensate, ventilation and isolation liquid, and further independently isolates and finely controls the ventilation and pressure compensation modules in the atomization chamber.

After brutal negative pressure and thermal shock testing, the Phantom is 40% more leak-proof than its predecessor. In order to obtain a stable, soft and smooth experience, RELX designed the air channel for air transmission through liquid mechanics and dynamic analysis. RELX Phantom Review



RELX Phantom has been improved and upgraded in 10 aspects such as anti-leakage, suction experience, product safety, service life, and suction feel. Power visualization: reduce "power unknown anxiety" Atomization: RELX Phantom is more powerful than Infinity, with larger clouds, less resistance, and weaker throat hit, battery: 380mAh. Phantom battery capacity has been increased by 9%. TYPE-C charging interface, the charging efficiency is increased by 31%. Wireless charging is not supported. Pods: Phantom Pods and Infinity Pods are common.



No flavor indication on the pod, there is a small gap between the pod and the device, the Phantom consumes more liquid

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