What is vape pod?best vape pod recommended

What is vape pod?

Simply put, vape pods (or pod vapes, pod systems, pod mods, salt NIC devices and many similar names) are electronic cigarettes that use "pod" instead of traditional vape cans.

Juul is the original pod system device, and its pod is a perfect example of what this means.

Although other modern equipment often has a refillable oil tank, you can unscrew parts to replace the coil, or even disassemble it to clean the whole thing, while vape smoke bomb only has a closed smoke bomb, which is filled with electronic liquid, and you can smoke until the smoke bomb is empty.

Pod e-cigarette interpretation

In addition to "cans" like pods, early pod systems could also work "automatically", which means that when you take a cigarette from the equipment, they will be activated without pressing a button.

They also use higher strength electronic cigarette oil (which will be described in detail later), so they can operate at much lower power than modules or other common electronic cigarette devices. This in turn makes them easier to carry and usually uses lower capacity batteries ("figures before MAH, a rough measure of battery life). They are essentially designed for beginners. The idea is to make e-cigarettes as simple as possible.

However, the need for refillable Juul pods and further innovation have slightly broadened the definition.

Now, the smoke bomb system is essentially any electronic cigarette that uses a fuel tank such as a "smoke bomb" instead of a traditional fuel tank.

Many of them can be refilled, and the coils can often be replaced. Unlike Juul, when the pod is empty, the whole pod must be thrown away. The battery section becomes larger, usually operated manually (button press) rather than automatically, and in many cases even has a variable wattage like a traditional module. For beginners, these are still better than traditional mod, but some are definitely easier to use than others.

Advantages and disadvantages of vape pod

So why use the Pod System e-cigarette? The following is a brief description of some advantages and disadvantages:


  • Generally easy to use
  • Sufficient supply
  • Compact and portable
  • economical and practical
  • Fast charging
  • Use less electronic cigarette oil
  • You can also use more advanced devices


  • Nicotine salts and electronic liquids are needed to make full use of them
  • Pre installed pods can be expensive
  • Steam production is less than that of MODS
  • Battery life may be limited
  • Type of vapes for Pod System


Pod vapes coil replacement

It's really easy to change the coil on a pod device. Here, you just push the coil into the hole at the bottom of the pod.

Replacing the coil on most pod vapes is just as simple. In most cases, the coil is simply pushed into the bottom of the pod, so you don't have to unscrew anything, just pull one out and push the other into place.

However, when replacing any coil, you should still follow the standard recommendations and make sure to soak the electronic fluid for 5 to 10 minutes before pumping from the new coil. Before inserting the coil, you can also "fill" the coil by applying electronic liquid directly to the exposed wick.

Small cigarette purchase guide

Choosing the vape pod that best suits your needs only means considering the above points, but as a general guide, if you are a novice in vaping and have been using vape for some time, you may also want something different.

Small cigarette purchase guide

If you are new to e-cigarettes, the basic pod vapes and mid-range options are your best choice. However, this is a general recommendation, and it really depends on what you are looking for.

If you are looking for something that is as easy to use as possible, we still recommend that you choose something that can be refilled, because over time, this will save you a lot of money and give you the freedom to choose the taste and nicotine intensity. However, equipment with automatic operation and no need to replace coils is still an ideal choice.

If simplicity is not very important to you, mid-range options such as smok Nord have great advantages. Being able to replace the coil means you can save the cost of replacing the pod and usually give you some control over the type of performance you get. You don't need to buy mature pod mod to get excellent vape. These devices are the perfect middle ground.

If you have smoked e-cigarettes for some time, some pod mods (such as rpm80) are really good choices. They give you enough control, so you can have any type of e-cigarette experience you want, and often have longer battery life, more coil options and more powerful functions. However, if you just want to use something when you're out, options like mid-range vape pen are a good choice.

More generally, you should consider the following factors when selecting the electronic cigarette of the Pod System:

Battery life:

The number in front of "MAH" is the capacity, which roughly tells you how long the battery can be used between two charges. A lower capacity of 300 to 500 MAH is acceptable on simple, automatic suction and nicotine salt only devices, but in general, you need at least 1000 MAH to get a day's intake after a single charge. For "pod mod" style devices, this should be increased.

Available coils:

Different equipment has different coil options. The coil with higher resistance (more than 1 ohm) is more suitable for nicotine salt tobacco oil, and the coil with sub ohm (less than 1 ohm) has a larger oil suction hole, which is more suitable for ordinary tobacco oil. Always check the coils available for your device and use resistance to see what happens.

Drawing style:

Although the "automatic" lottery is more like smoking - you may prefer it - remember that you do get used to buttons soon. In general, "manual" activation gives you better performance and more reliability.

Power output:

In addition to the battery capacity and coil, it's best to look at the power that can be output by the electronic cigarette of the pod system. Coils with smaller batteries and higher resistance coils do not require such a high power output (even 15 W is more than enough), but if you use sub ohmic coils, you can use higher coils (up to 40 W or higher) to make full use of the coils.

Airflow options / MTL or DTL:

Most pod systems do not provide adjustable airflow, but some do, which is definitely worth checking. Generally, higher resistance coils work well with less airflow and mouth to lung (MTL) suction (such as smoking), while lower resistance coils work better with open airflow and direct to lung (DTL) suction. The adjustable airflow allows you to use it at the same time or fine tune it according to your preference.

Replaceable coil:

Although replacing the coil may seem a little complicated for your first equipment (and you absolutely don't have to), in general, if you use a pod system with replaceable coils, the operating cost will be lower. Otherwise, the cost of replacing the pod will increase over time.

There are other factors - such as price - but these are the main factors that some guidance may be useful. Of course, you should also read reviews of the devices you are considering and weigh your choices before making a decision.


Vape pod is really simple and very suitable for beginners. But it's definitely worth taking the time to understand these options and what they can do before making a final decision.

The good news is that pod MODS and salt NIC devices are often affordable. Even if you finally switch to traditional mods or something more advanced, you can use them as backup. But with the options in this list and a brief guide, you'll be able to find what's right for you.