What is VEEX.

In-depth understanding of VEEX(TAKI-VEEX)vape (electronic cigarette).

Since the introduction of electronic cigarettes, safety has become the most important concern of the public. How to make yourself and consumers can use quality, good taste, safe and visible products, is the original intention of VEEX design and development.

How about VEEX electronic cigarette?

"Small vepe device, big vapor" is what many consumers expect from a bullet replacement e-cigarette, which is more convenient than a professional big e-cigarette, while maintaining a strong vapor effect.

VEEX V1 integrated constant voltage technology intelligent chip, constant high-power output, precise control of atomization temperature, voltage, so that the nano-ceramic atomization pod coil always maintain the best atomization state, taste more delicate as one. With the use of 380MAH A+ grade lithium cobalt acid high rate battery, high capacity density, good safety, strong and continuous power output, smoke taste more stable, the best use cycle of more than 600 times.

Humanized vibration reminder

"Insert vibration reminder": when inserted into the cigarette stick, you will hear a "Ta", the body vibration, will have a strong sense of use style.

"Nicotine intake vibration reminder": for consumer health considerations, reasonable control of nicotine intake, within 5 minutes even smoke 10 puffs, the body vibration.

Independent research and development

There are many similar replacement e-cigarette products on the market, and the parts supply chain is very developed, VEEX does not use the parts of products already on the market. In order to achieve texture, oil leakage, anti-crack, and high transparency of the bullet, the Vickers team independently developed each part, 38 times grinding and adjustment finally presented the best match between the VEEX V1 stem chip and the atomization core of the bullet, to achieve the most ideal vapor effect.

Transparent vape pod, peace of mind can be seen

"Peace of mind visible" seems to be a simple slogan, VEEXTECH piled on 16 professional R & D staff, 180 days of research and development time, 20 technical patents, 38 times of parts adjustment and adjustment, 56 draft production standardization optimization, 25 times of production line training, for the industrial company adhere to the production, this is not a simple promise.

The label of "transparent vape pod" in the heart of VEEX is the word that we do not want to see in the management income, but it is our heart for the quality of products and consumers.

Full process inspection and modern factory

The most challenging visibility of "transparent vape pod" is guaranteed by the production process of full staff, full-process inspection and modern factory clean workshop, automated production, professional SOP training and full-process inspection. And to science and technology innovation, quality first for the production of the main rule.

VEEX V1 vape pod kit, the national price is $33.99, $17.99 a box of three vape pod. Cost-effectiveness in the peer comparison, is higher. I believe that the threshold of the contemporary electronic cigarette industry is the safety issue, only to improve product quality while considering the cost, rather than just playing the price war, in order to make the industry more standardized to go longer term.