What must be your age to do vaping

When we are talking about vaping we must keep this mind that all states have their own age requirement for the people who can buy vaping and who can have vaping. Most countries in the world have imposed age restrictions on the purchase of vaping products.


What age you must have to do vaping

With setting age limits many countries have also set laws regarding the use, taxation and sales of vaping products. These vaping products are prohibited in indoor or in public areas.


The exact age to buy vaping products varies from state to state. But according to some reports, you must be above 18 or 21 to buy such products. The change in purchasing of tobacco has raised the legal age of vaping. As there is a huge discussion about the potential utility of e-cigarettes to help adult smokers while others are fighting over the possibility of e-cigs addicting a new generation to nicotine. It’s a proven fact that nicotine has lasting effects on the brain, the young generation should void nicotine.


Then comes the point age restriction should only be applied to nicotine base vape juices and the 0 nicotine should be allowed for everyone.


It is the best time to think about your health and well being. So to do that one must quit smoking. We understand that’s not an easy task we have an alternative you can opt for vaping to help you with it. Yes, you hear it right vaping can help you quit smoking faster. To know more here are some benefits:

Benefits of vaping:

Cheaper: One cannot deny smoking cigarettes is expensive but vaping is an affordable option. In starting you have to invest more in devices and accessories but counted on a regular basis it comes as a cheaper option.


Safer: Choosing vaping over cigarettes is a safer option for your health. It helps you quit smoking. The e-liquids used in these devices are less harmful and don't leave any residue in your lungs. Vaping also helps in reducing your blood pressure, improves your immunity and also makes your lungs function properly.


More variety: One of the main reasons to choose to vape over smoking it offers you a wide variety of flavors. It gives the best experience to the people who are vaping and people nearby.


Helps in quitting smoking: If you truly want to get rid of smoking cigarettes you can choose vaping. It is a proven fact that vapes can ensure you leave smoking for a shorter duration.


Less after-effects: Vaping does not pollute the air and harms the people near you. The vapor is not absorbed by items that surrounds you, leaving no after smell of it.



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