What the difference between the ceramic coil vape and cotton coil vape pod?

We know that the characteristics of the atomizing coil of an e-cig are that it can absorb e-liquid and can be atomized by heating wire. The atomizing coil of electronic cigarettes has actually undergone three iterations. or ceramic coil.

The characteristics of fiberglass rope are cheap but easy to break.

The characteristic of the cotton core is that the taste reduction is the best, but it is easy to burn, and the burnt taste will affect the taste.

The ceramic coil has the best stability and is not easy to burn, but it is easy to leak.

Next, we will introduce the features of the cotton core and ceramic core in detail.

Cotton coil vape pod:

the current mainstream atomizing coil material (big electronic cigarette).

Compared with the previous fiberglass wick, it is safer and the smoke is fuller and more real. The cotton core structure is in the form of heating wire wrapped around cotton. The atomization principle is that the heating wire is zero decoration, cotton is the e-liquid guiding material, and the e-liquid absorbed by the heating wire heating cotton is atomized when the smoking appliance is working. The biggest advantage of the cotton wick is the taste!

The reduction degree of e-liquid smell is better than that of ceramic coil, and the smoke volume is thicker, but the power of the cigarette rod is not completely constant, which will lead to the overall performance. If the power of the cotton coil is too high or after a period of use, the phenomenon of smearing is likely to occur. The situation that the cotton coil is suddenly too large to dry out cannot be ignored, but the ceramic core does not have such concerns. The chip can optimize the phenomenon of unstable output power.

For example, INS electronic cigarettes achieve stable power output through low voltage to ensure that the taste of each inhalation port is basically the same under different power.


Ceramic coil vape pod:

Mainstream atomizing core materials for small cigarettes (Relx, MOTI, vvild, SnowPlus, WUUZ, TAKI, VEEX,

The mid-to-high-end products of the electronic cigarette brand all use ceramic coils).

The ceramic atomizing core is more delicate than the cotton core, and the suction is smoother, but the reduction degree of the smoke oil smell is slightly worse than that of the cotton core.

In fact, the main advantage is stability and durability, which is why many merchants prefer ceramics. Ceramics rarely have paste cores like cotton cores, and then they are stable from beginning to end. Under the condition of constant voltage, the fullness of smoke There is almost no difference in taste. The first generation of microporous ceramic atomizing cores are injection molded, and the ceramic material is fired around the heating wire. The second-generation microporous ceramic Wenhua core embeds the heating wire on the surface of the microporous ceramic substrate by printing. The third-generation microporous ceramic atomizing core embeds the heating wire on the surface of the microporous ceramic substrate. At present, SMOORE's Feelm ceramic core is the largest ceramic core in the market.

And for some pods that can be refilled, the ceramic option is not only durable, but also washable.

Above, if you like the smoke to be fuller and more straight, choose a cotton core,

If you like fine-grained feel and taste, choose ceramics.

Cotton cores and ceramic cores have their own audiences. Only by constantly improving themselves can we better serve users.

Tip: The advantage of cotton core is that it has high playability and there are many unquantifiable indicators, so it is suitable for players. Ceramic is a standardized product, suitable for mass production, with high efficiency, and both sides have their own markets and audiences.

Which material you like depends on what kind of user you are and your preferences.