What you should know before vaping?-Part 1: What is vape

I recently started smoking e-cigarettes and haven't touched paper cigarettes for two weeks. Because I feel pretty good, I want to recommend some good e-cigarettes to everyone. But e-cigarettes are still a controversial consumer product, so it seems to be an irrational act to recommend them, rather than writing a scientific article to be safe.

With the popularity of e-cigarettes, there are already many e-cigarette supporters on social networks to start preaching. For example, Americans in the 1950s believed that they could use uranium ore for cosmetic purposes, but with the common sense we have nowadays, it's just like having a brain bag. Before trying something new, it's important to be well-informed, so that if you are ridiculed for being "brainy" later, it's your choice.

Part 1: What is vape?

Most of the current mainstream E-cigarette (vape) is a vaporizer that turns liquid into vapor to simulate the feeling of smoking. Because of the vapor between the throughput, e-cigarette enthusiasts also tend to call themselves vaper.

Common atomizer type e-cigarettes

The principle of atomizer type e-cigarette, specifically, is powered by a lithium battery, allowing the liquid to be turned into vapor through the atomizer, simulating the smoke produced when smoking, which is not very different from cigarettes. The atomizer is usually a heated electronic component containing a coil and cotton, to which the liquid is added, commonly known as vape oil, or "e-jucie" as some vapers call it. Vape oil usually contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring and nicotine, but even vegetable glycerin alone can be used, and flavoring and nicotine are both optional.

Theoretically, e-cigarettes replacing traditional paper cigarettes could significantly reduce the health risks and fire potential for smokers and may serve as a safe nicotine replacement. E-cigarette sellers generally sell them as cigarette substitutes, and some in the medical community believe that this would be a promising alternative.

Because e-cigarettes are a new product, most countries do not yet have clear laws for e-cigarettes, and the lack of monitoring of product quality, nicotine content, and sales pipelines makes it difficult for the advantages of e-cigarettes to play, and even the possibility of inhaling too high a dose of nicotine, or formaldehyde, or acetaldehyde if you buy faulty e-liquid.

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