What’s The Difference between MTL VS DTL Vaping?

Today,Lets talk about the different between Mouth To Lung (MTL) VS Direct To Lung (DTL) Vaping.

Two such acronyms, which may leave newbies asking ‘WTF?’ after reading a standard vaping article nowadays, are:


MTL – ’Mouth To Lung’

DTL – ‘Direct To Lung’ (Sometimes referred to as ‘Straight to Lung’ or ‘Direct Lung’)


Two terms describe your vaping style, the way you inhale or draw on your product and…with tens of new vaping products hitting stores on a daily basis: trust me, a variety of distinct vaping styles exist.


You need to know and understand both these inhalation styles if you want to use your device efficiently and also if you want to know which device you should be using.


Whether you vape disposable e cigs, vape pens, e-hookahs, dry-herb devices, sub-Ohm tanks, squonk/drip, build your own coils and RDAs or cloud chase.


One thing you need to know about if you’re going to be calling yourself a vaper (also, to avoid the scorn of somewhat cliquish pros) is the difference between MTL and DTL vaping.


How Do You Vape MTL?

It may sound like such an overly simple question but it’s something that needs asking.


Vaping is different to smoking for many reasons but the actual way you vape is also different. MTL Vaping is ‘kind of like’ cigarette smoking but with a slight difference.


Simple steps on how you vape mouth to lung:


  • Take a smooth draw of vapour into the mouth. (Don’t take short, sharp drags like you would on a cigarette) A slightly longer draw is needed.
  • Once vapour is in the mouth inhale to lungs drawing air in at the same time.
  • Exhale.


How Do You Vape DTL?

This is the polar opposite to the MTL style of vaping. It can take some getting used to as it will be a completely foreign concept for most.


Simple Steps on How You Vape Direct to Lung Style:


  • Draw slow and steady directly into your lungs.
  • A drag DTL style can be 3-5 seconds or more.
  • The key is not to take sharp drags.. Smooth, steady motion is the key.
  • Once it reaches your lungs exhale those clouds of vapour.


Whatever method of vaping you choose will be down to your personal preference. Just remember any type of vaping is good,but if you have a device like WUUZ S12 pod mod,Dual mode for DL and MTL,Dual power for device, then you can choose DL or MTL whenever you like ! I buy it from veex online shop ,you can buy it here : www.veexshop.com